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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 George Michael


  • B
    • Bruner 1727-1814, son of Johann Jacob and Maria Barbara Sturm, married to Anna Barbara Beckenbach
  • D
    • Dillman 1765-1830, son of Hans Georg and Margareta Murr, married to Christiana Heifer
    • Dolenz 1945 George Michael Micky
    • Dolenz 1908-1963, with Janelle Johnson
  • E
    • Eisenhauer 1751-1851, son of Johann Peter and Elizabeth Ann Graff, married to Maria Catharina Born
    • Eller 1722-1778, father of Peter B.
  • F
    • Folk 1808-1852, son of Johann Jacob and Mary Elizabeth Howard, married to Margaret Rentz in 1839
    • Fuller 1868-1912, son of William Wallace Orlando and Margaret E. Davidson, married to Ada Frances Maxwell in 1894
  • G
    • Gilboy, with Mary x
    • Gilpatrick, son of George L. and Pauline Coffman, married to Kathy Elaine Head in 1972
  • H
    • Hilbert 1748-1799, married to Anna Maria Frack in 1771
    • Hittle 1741-1828, son of Georg Michael and Anna Maria Schlauch, married to Christina Hertzel
  • I
    • Imler 1739-1816, son of George Mark and Esther Teresia Schabert, married to Maria Catharina Christman in 1764
    • Isenhour 1778-1842, son of John Nicholas Eisenhauer and Mary Myers, married to Barbara Agleston in 1799
  • K
    • Ketner 1745-1806, son of Johann Heinrich and Justina Catarina Brossman, father of Dawalt
    • Kitch 1760-, son of John Michael and Elizabeth Frantz
  • L
    • Lease 1889-1978, son of Charles Franklin and Sarah Ellen Enders
    • Luther 1804-1866, son of Abraham and Mary Ann Charles, married to Sarah Moffett in 1827, Margaret Elvira Davidson in 1856
  • M
    • Murr 1768-1812, married to Esther Ehrenhardt in 1789
  • N
    • Newhart 1871-1948, son of David and Caroline Marcy, married to Emma F. O'Connor in 1899
  • R
    • Rex 1720-1772, son of Hans Jorg and Margaretha Barbara Grothausen, married to Anna Marie Margaretha Knauss in 1742
  • S
    • Scally 1847-1906, son of George Michael and Bridget Griffin, with Annie L. Maher
    • Scally 1823-, son of George Michael and Anne Bridget x, married to Bridget Griffin
    • Scally 1805-, married to Anne Bridget x
  • W
    • Whisenhunt ca 1734-ca 1815, son of Johann Adam and Anna Barbara Eaker, married to Eve Carmon in 1762
    • Whitener 1718-1796, son of Hans Adam Weidner and Anna Marie Haass, married to Elizabeth Beck in 1748
    • Wilfong 1793-1871, son of Jacob and Mary McCorkle, married to Mary Margaret McGlaughlin in 1827
    • Wilfong 1724-1808, son of Johannes Sebastian and Maria Elisabetha Gruber, married to Sophia Catrina Veitheim in 1747
    • Wiltfong 1755-1818, son of George Michael Wilfong and Sophia Catrina Veitheim, father of Michael
  • Z
    • Zeigler 1737-1809, son of Frederick Fritz and Christiana Ruhland, married to Martha Piquott in 1770
    • Zimmerman 1983, son of Robert John and Gladys Cristina Mesa, married to Shellie Nichole Dean in 2007