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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • A
    • Adams †1832, son of Shockley and Isabella McCrea, father of Shockley Harris R..
  • B
    • Babcock 1763-1842, son of Joseph and Anna Harris, with Sally Newell.
    • Brainerd 1837-1840, son of Pardee and Roxyanna White.
  • C
    • Carter 1746-1803, son of John and Mary Mason Butler, with Nancy Woolford.
    • Colt 1766-, son of Harris and Elizabeth Turner.
    • Colt 1730-1797, son of Benjamin and Miriam Harris, married to Elizabeth Turner in 1757.
  • D
    • Dodge 1810-, son of Jonathan and Margaret Atherton.
  • E
    • Edgerton 1819-1915, son of Curtis and Amy Harris, married to Adelia M. Edgerton in 1857.
  • G
    • Gamble ca 1849-, son of Israel and Fanny x.
    • Gay 1858-1913, son of James Solomon and Rebecca Elizabeth Pugh, married to Mary Isabella Myers in 1877.
    • Gershon 1861-, married to Sarah Rubinstein.
    • Giddings, with Mercy x.
  • H
    • Hamilton ca 1894-, with Rena Day Northrup.
    • Hickok 1872-, daughter of William Asahel and Helen Frances Klumph.
    • Hickok 1797-1831, son of Asahel and Amedelia Hannah Benjamin, married to Mary Ann Barnes in 1820.
    • Hooe 1735-, son of Howson and Anne Francis Harris, with X Hewitt.
    • Hosford 1788-1855, son of Aaron and Jemima Harris.
  • J
    • Johnson 1769-, son of Caleb and Mary Cook.
  • K
    • Kirk, father of Harris.
    • Kirk, son of Harris, with Esther Gouverneur.
  • L
    • Lieber 1857-1917, married to Eva Kronenberg.
    • Loomis 1770-1806, son of John and Rachel Harris, married to Lucinda Furman in 1793.
  • M
    • Marks 1868-, son of Elka Smole, with Hannah Klein.
    • Millman 1880-1945, married to Tilly Skok.
  • P
    • Parrish 1780-1861, married to Mary Polly Spivey in 1809.
    • Pate 1825-1904, son of Willoughby and Asenath Smith, with Mary Frances Odom.
    • Pike 1802-, son of Joshua and Julianna x, with Rosilla x.
  • R
    • Reavis 1754-1838, son of Thomas and Ann x, father of Mary.
    • Rockwell 1867-, son of Stephen York and Clara F. Bonney.
    • Russell 1799-1873, son of Gabriel and Patsy Bell, married to Leah Steed in 1821.
  • S
    • Sanford 1807-, son of Moses and Philena Lines.
  • T
    • Tyner ca 1772-/1844, son of William Richard and Eliza Jane Abbey, married to Ruthea Jane Tollison in 1794.
    • Tyner 1740-1778, son of John Harris and Sarah Tyner, married to Nancy Adair in 1768.
  • U
    • Usher 1808-1848, son of Watrous and Welthy Morgan, married to Azuba Beach in 1833.
  • W
    • Weaver 1712-1774, married to Sarah Rouse in 1735.
    • Weaver, son of Harris and Sarah Rouse, married to Mary Moon in 1772.