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The Dowling Family Tree with a half million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over a thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • A
    • Ackerman 1757-, son of Abraham A. and Anna Maria Bogert.
    • Ackerman 1722-1808, son of David and Martiie See, married to Maritie Enderse in 1744.
    • Alyea 1730-1797, son of Peter and Margritie Albertese Van Voorhees, married to Annaetje Secord in 1752.
  • B
    • Backer 1631-, married to Margaret Stuyvesant in 1655.
    • Baden (van) 1407-1453, married to Katharina van Lotharingen in 1426.
    • Bayard 1679-1719, son of Balthazar and Maria Loockermans, married to Hillegond DeKay in 1703.
    • Bertholf ca 1690-, son of Guilliaem and Martina Hendrikse Vermeulen, with Elizabeth Van Emburg.
    • Bevier 1716-1774, son of Samuel and Magdalena Blanchan, with Antjen Freer.
    • Bleecker 1716-1791, son of Rutger Jansen and Catalina Schuyler, married to Abigail Lispenard in 1740.
    • Bogart /1734-, son of Jan and Hannah Peeck.
    • Bogert 1717-, son of Jacobus and Willemptje Terhune, with Elsjen Franse.
    • Bogert 1680-/1736, son of Jan and Angenite Stryker, married to Willemptje Terhune in 1704.
    • Bosch 1739-, son of Thomas and Elisabeth Maria Markle, married to Annatje Rau.
    • Botha 1717-, son of Theunis and Maria Magdalena Snyman, with Emmerentia Potgieter.
    • Bruyn 1705-1781, son of Jacobus and Tryntje Schoonmaker, married to Jane Graham in 1747.
    • Bruyn 1680-1744, son of Jacobus and Geertruyd Van Ysselsteyn, married to Tryntje Schoonmaker in 1704.
    • Bruyn 1645-1684..1694, married to Geertruyd Van Ysselsteyn in 1676.
  • C
    • Conklin 1761-, son of John and Wyntje Van Tassel.
    • Consalus 1729-, son of Manuel and Rebecka Westfall.
    • Consalus, son of Manuel and Rymeria Quick.
    • Cortright 1747, son of Hendrick Cornelissen and Jannetje Ennes.
    • Cozine 1687-, with Aeltie Van Wyck.
  • D
    • Davids 1736-1815, son of Solomon and Lea Decker, married to Elisabeth Keator.
    • DeFauw 1697-1722, son of Adrianus and Joanna Galle, with Catharina Dhondt.
    • DePuy /1703-1757, son of Moses and Maria Wynkoop, married to Sara Schoonmaker in 1725.
    • Debevoise 1650-1710, son of Carel and Sophia Janse Van Loedsteyn, married to Maria Jooste Van Syssen in 1678.
    • Delamater 1705-, son of Abraham and Elsje Tappen, with Catrina Schoonmaker.
    • Delamater 1665-1741, son of Claude le Maistre and Hester du Bois, married to Gertrude Martise Van Ysselsteyn in 1688.
    • Demarest 1749-1844, son of Johannes and Rachel Zabriskie, with Rachel Smith.
    • Demarest 1735-1807, son of Peter and Maria Batton, married to Maria Smith in 1758.
    • Demarest 1703-/1735, son of David and Sarah Bertholf, with Margrietje DeGroot.
    • Demarest 1681-1763, son of David and Rachel Cresson, with Margrietje Haring.
    • Deyo 1754-1822, son of Jacobus and Annetje Cool, married to Margaret Tripp in 1774.
    • Deyo 1732-1796, son of Jacobus and Jannetje Freer, married to Annetje Cool in 1751.
    • Deyo †1812, son of Christian and Maria de Graff, married to Jannetje Freer in 1724.
  • E
    • Elmendorf 1678-, son of Jacobus Conrad Von Elmendorf and Grietje Aertsen Van Wagenen, married to Annetje Cool in 1706.
  • F
    • Ferdon 1656-1740, son of Thomas Verdon and Barber Imbroeck, married to Femmetje Westervelt in 1678.
    • Finch 1753-, son of Samuel and Helena Besencranz, father of John.
  • G
    • Groot (de) 1627-1655, married to Grietje Eggert in 1652.
  • H
    • Hagerman 1728-1773, son of Adriaen and Mary Elizabeth Van der Vliet, with Elizabeth Van Cleve.
    • Hallenbeck 1713-1772, son of Johannes Jacobse and Neelje Van Loon, married to Annatje Van Schaick in 1745.
    • Harder 1778-1834/, married to Catherine Higgins in 1800.
    • Hegeman 1653-1707..1741, son of Adriaen and Catharina Margits, with Jannetje Ryersen.
    • Hegeman †1745, son of Elbert and Maria Rapalje, with Geertruyd Onderdonk.
    • Hendricks ca 1667-1740, son of Albertus and Aeltje Helchey, married to Lucy Duckett.
    • Huyck 1792-1860, son of Arent and Christyntje Van Slyck, with Elizabeth van Dyck.
    • Huyck 1716-1773, son of Burger and Mayke Goes, with Elizabeth Van Dyck.
  • J
    • Jacques 1528-1609, married to Corinne Blodedel in 1549.
  • K
    • Kay (de) 1672-1726, son of Jacob Theunis and Hellegonde Quick, married to Sarah Willett in 1694.
    • Kierstede 1663-1702, son of Hans and Sarah Roeloffs, married to Anna Holmes in 1691.
    • King 1696-1733, married to Keziah Butler.
    • Kip 1699-1747, son of Jacob and Rachel Swartwout, married to Klaartjen Van Wagenen in 1733.
  • L
    • Lanckriet 1645-, son of Laurentius and Celina Houteman, married to Judoca Wielfaert in 1669.
    • Lozier 1707-1792, son of Nicholas Francois and Tryntje Slot, married to Maria Durie in 1732.
  • M
    • Mändykoski 1762-, son of Jacobus Mårtensson and Maria Jöransdotter.
    • Marbeck, married to Sara x.
    • Mårtensson, son of Mårten Sigfredsson and Maria Michelsdotter, with Maria Jöransdotter, Margetta Josephsdotter in 1766.
    • Middagh 1725-1758, son of Jacob and Sarah Van Kuykendall, married to Zara Decker in 1751.
  • O
    • Ostrander 1716-1783/, son of Arent and Gertruy Bloemendaal, married to Margrietjen Heermans in 1739.
  • P
    • Peek 1697-1775, son of Johannes and Elizabeth van Emburgh, with Sara Banta, Rachel Demarest.
    • Peek 1656-, son of Jan Peeck and Maria Phillippese du Trieux, with Elisabeth Teunise.
    • Peersen 1747-1809, son of Abraham and Catharina Schoonmaker, with Eva Queen.
    • Post ca 1734-, son of Abraham and Mareitje Schut, with Elisabeth Viele.
    • Post 1726-1798, son of Jacobus and Maria Christie, with Metje Van Wagenen.
    • Post ca 1694-, son of Francoijs and Maritje Kobis, married to Maria Christie in 1723.
    • Post, son of Martin and Marietje Schoonmaker, married to Lydia Whitaker in 1770.
  • Q
    • Quick 1753-1847, son of Jacobus and Jannetje Van Aiken, married to Johanna Pelton in 1775.
    • Quick 1725-1806, son of Jacobus and Francesca Consalus, married to Anna Osterhout in 1746.
    • Quick ca 1716-1777, son of Thomas and Margrieta Decker, married to Maria Westbrook in 1742, Jannetje Van Aiken in 1750.
    • Quick 1698-1778, son of Teunis and Clara de Hooges, married to Francesca Consalus in 1718.
  • R
    • Raes, with Marie Declerck.
    • Roosevelt 1724-1777, son of Johannes and Heyeltje Sioerts, married to Annatje Bogart in 1746.
    • Roosevelt 1692-1776, son of Nicholas and Heyeltje Jans Kunst, married to Catharine Hardenbroek in 1713.
    • Rosenkrans 1746/-, son of Johannes and Susanna Schoonmaker, with Blandina Elmendorff.
    • Rosenkrans 1706-, son of Dirk and Wyntjie Kierstede, married to Sarah Decker in 1728.
    • Ryersen 1677-ca 1749, married to Styntje Dorland in 1698.
  • S
    • Schoonmaker 1740-, son of Jochem and Lydia Rosenkrans, with Annatje Sleight.
    • Schoonmaker /1698-1773..1774, son of Jochem Hendricksen and Anna Hussey, married to Margaret Hoornbeck in 1729, Maria Rosenkrans in 1729.
    • See 1670-1735/, son of Isaac Sy and Esther Sy, married to Catherine Storm in 1698.
    • Slot, son of Peter Jansen and Marretie Jacobse Van Winkle, with Marretje Demarest.
    • Stackhouse 1530-, married to Agnes Carr in 1554.
    • Stagg, married to Lydia Schoonmaker in 1796.
    • Stryker 1620-1687, son of Gerrit Hermans and Altje Lucasdochter, married to Ytje Huybrechts in 1654.
    • Suydam ca 1738-, son of Ryck and Maria Fonteyn, with Maria Wyckoff.
    • Swartout 1792-1871, son of Peter and Jannetje Westfall, married to Naomi Cuddeback.
    • Swartwout ca 1696-1756, son of Antoni and Jannetje Coobes, married to Annetjen Gumaer in 1721.
    • Swartwout 1692-1749, son of Thomas and Elisabeth Jacobse Gardenier, married to Gieletjen Nieuwkerk in 1714.
  • T
    • Teller 1703-1761, son of Willem and Rachel Kierstede, married to Maritie Vermilyea in 1730.
    • Terwilliger 1688-, son of Jean van der Willigen and Sytje Van Etten.
    • Turner 1708-1763/, son of William and Abigail Bogaert, married to Catarina Hoornbeck in 1731.
  • V
    • Van Alstyne 1738-1778, son of Lammert and Margrita Rebecka Van Valkenburgh, married to Lydia Larrowa in 1759.
    • Van Cortlandt 1725, son of Frederick and Frances Jay.
    • Van Cortlandt 1658-1739, son of Oloff Stevense and Anenke Loockermans, married to Eva de Vries Philipse in 1691.
    • Van Deusen 1662, son of Isaac Abrahamzen and Jannetje Jans, married to Catarina Burger.
    • Van Duyn 1715-1774, son of Dennis Gerritse and Maria Huycken, married to Annatje Jan Wyckoff in 1740.
    • Van Dycke, with Susanna de Clyver.
    • Van Dyke 1667/-1758, son of Cornelis Hendrickse Van Dyck and Elizabeth Laeckens, married to Jacomyntje Glen in 1694.
    • Van Etten 1696-1779, son of Jan and Jannetje Roosa, married to Antjen Westbrook in 1719.
    • Van Gaasbeek 1737-1825, son of Thomas and Margaret Elmendorf, married to Debora Kierstede.
    • Van Gorden ca 1728-1796, son of Harmonus Van Garden and Elsjen Caudebec, with Catrina Kortright.
    • Van Sandt 1685-1744, son of Garrett Stoffelse Van Zandt and Lysbeth Gerritz, married to Rebecca Vandergrift in 1707.
    • Van Schoonhoven 1781-1865, son of Jacobus and Elizabeth Clute, married to Alida Lansing in 1806.
    • Van Schoonhoven 1671-, son of Guert Hendrickse and Maritje Cornelie, married to Susanna Bradt.
    • Van Schoonhoven †1814, son of Geurt and Anna Lansing, married to Elizabeth Clute in 1765.
    • Van Valkenburgh 1689-, son of Jochem Lambertse and Eva Hendrickse Vrooman, married to Christina Winne in 1713.
    • Van Varick 1681-1745, son of Jan and Sarah Visboom, married to Anna Maria Brestede.
    • Van den Bosch 1691-, son of Hendrick Jansen and Marie du Bois, married to Eyke Van der Mark in 1711.
    • Vanderbilt, son of Hendrick and Catrina Fontyn, married to Elisabeth Janse.
    • Vanderlyn, with Hester Hoffman.
    • Vandeventer, son of Jan and Maria Hoogeboom, with Fennetje Barents Ridder.
    • Vredenburgh 1751, son of Benjamin and Catharina de Graaff, married to Maria Proper.
  • W
    • Westerfield ca 1757-ca 1826, son of Jacobus and Maria Demaree, married to Femmetje Phoebe Cozine in 1777.
    • Westerfield 1737-1780, married to Maria Demaree in 1754.
    • Westvaal, with Sefia Van Auken.
    • Wikoff 1708-1774, son of Pieter Wyckoff and Willemtje Schenck, married to Catelyntje Gulick in 1745.
    • Winne ca 1676-1706, son of Pieter and Jane Albertsz, married to Maritje Bronk in 1696.
    • Wyckoff 1676-1719, son of Nicholas Pieterse and Sarah Pieterse Monfoort, married to Willemptje Jansen Van Voorhees in 1706.
    • Wynkoop 1691-, son of Evert and Geertie Elmendorf, married to Janneken Bogardus.
  • d
    • Wege (van) (de) 1843, son of Jogchem and Catharina de Bruijne, married to Elisabeth Deij.
    • der Bogart (van) 1680-1756, son of Myndert Harmense and Helena Schermerhorn, married to Grietje Dumont in 1715.
  • l
    • la Grange (de) 1692-1765, son of Omie and Annatje de Vries, married to Engeltie Veeder in 1717.

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