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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 James Marion


  • A
    • Allred 1865-, son of Lewis Valentine and Ellen Smith
  • B
    • Bailey 1831, married to Margaret Rebecca Daniel in 1856
    • Bunn 1869-1853, married to Minnie Adeline Dozier in 1891
  • D
    • Dowling 1864-1936, son of Edward Lee and Catherine Hawkins, married to Louisa Elliot in 1894
  • G
    • Gay 1869-1939, son of John Jackson and Susannah C. Waters, married to Lillie Mae Allen in 1888
    • Gladson 1834-1927, son of Nathan S. and Henrietta Campbell, married to Almira Briar Newcomb in 1858
    • Griffin, with Sally Maria Perry
  • H
    • Halford, married to Rebecca Elvira Crockett in 1847
    • Hildreth 1836-, son of Benjamin J. and Jemimah Ann Dowling
    • Holman ca 1770-, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Wilson, married to Sarah Wilson in 1790
  • K
    • Killion 1829-1915, son of John Anderson and Nancy Jane Moore
    • Kuhn 1847-1906, married to Miriam Ashbaugh in 1867
  • L
    • Ledbetter 1875-1918, married to Mahala Ann Sells in 1895
    • Ledbetter 1866-1948, son of Ewing M. and Sibbia A. Rooker, married to Victoria M. Jones in 1886, Mary Ann Ledbetter in 1890
  • M
    • McKnight 1813-1897, married to Louisa Harriet Pate in 1839
  • P
    • Pafford 1833-1891, son of James Henry and Wealthy Corbitt, married to Nancy Roberts in 1853
  • R
    • Reed 1816-1880, son of Benjamin P. and Betty Bouton, with Cornelia Marion Downs
    • Reeves 1823-1883, married to Mary Ann Skinner in 1846
    • Robbins 1856-, son of William Sylvester and Mary Ann Reader
  • S
    • Sims 1833-1843, son of James Marion and Eliza Theresa Jones
    • Sims 1813-1883, son of John Jarrett and Mahala Mackey, married to Eliza Theresa Jones
    • Sparling 1867-1938, son of Edward and Martha Ellen Salter, with Ollie Ellen Robinson
    • Stanfield 1836-1916, married to Sarah Ann Foster in 1856
    • Stratton 1864-1932, son of Anthony Johnson and Martha Jane Layne, married to Sarah Olivia Driggs in 1887
  • W
    • West 1851-1940, son of John B. and Mary Peek
    • Winningham 1885-1969, son of Jacob and Mary Adeline Robbins, with Armanda Belle Sells
  • Y
    • Young 1830-1910, son of Robert and Matilda J. Chaffin, married to Frances L. Young in 1855
    • Youngblood 1839-1908, married to Mary J. Calahan in 1866