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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Jean Louis, Jean-Louis


  • B
    • Bayot 1847-1932, married to Henriette Ambroisine Bours in 1872
    • Benezet 1645, son of Etienne Jean and Marie Arnault, married to Marie Madeleine Testard in 1682
    • Berthault 1907-1997, married to Loretta Young in 1993
    • Boisdore dit Barbeau 1731-1822, son of Joseph Antoine Barbeau and Marie Louise Brette, married to Marguerite Doussin
    • Bonin 1752-1795, son of Antoine and Marguertie Tellier, married to Marguerite Caterine Prince in 1771
  • C
    • Campeau 1702-1774, son of Jacques and Jeanne Cecile Catin, married to Marie Louise Robert in 1725
    • Cartier (de) †1753, married to Marie Agnes Chislaine de Bilquin
    • Chodron de Courcel 1907-1985, married to Marguerite de Brondeau d'Hurtieres in 1931
  • D
    • Daigle 1788, son of Jean Charles and Marie Christine Richard, married to Marie Nathalie Robichaud in 1813
    • Dupertuis, with Marie Camille x
  • F
    • Fontenot 1685-1755, married to Louise Angelique Henri in 1726
    • Fremont 1741, married to Marie Catherine Boucher in 1764
  • G
    • Gain (de) †1680, son of Charles and Marie de Montaignac, with Anne le Strange
    • Guillory 1754-1824, son of Joseph Pierre and Marie Jeanne LaCasse, married to Marie Jeanne Fontenot in 1777
    • Guirard de Montarnal (de), son of Louis François and Antoinette de Saunhac d'Anpiac, married to Anne Colombe d'Ortiguier
  • H
    • Hebert ca 1766-, son of Jean Baptiste and Marguerite Gauden, married to Marie Rose Richard in 1790
  • J
    • Jarret dit Beauregard 1788-1857, son of Jean Louis and Marie Judith Deble, married to Marie Emilie Alix-Dumini in 1816
    • Jarret dit Beauregard 1760-1833, son of Francois Marie Jarret de Beauregard and Therese Charron dit Cabana, married to Marie Judith Deble in 1780
  • K
  • L
    • LaPlante 1741-, married to Marie Madeleine LeFebvre in 1768
    • Lalonde 1740-1810, son of Joseph-Louis and Louise Genevieve Picard, married to Marie Clemence Raymond in 1764
  • M
    • Merle 1668-1748, married to Elizabeth Vals in 1700
  • N
  • P
    • Perey 1810-, son of David Samuel and Susanne Marguerite Perey, married to Jeanne Marie Gottraux in 1832
    • Plessis (du) 1691-1768, married to Madeleine Roussouw
    • Prevost 1659-, son of Jean Louis and Rachel Grangier, married to Clermonde Passavant
    • Prevost 1617-, son of Marc and Jeanne Testu, married to Rachel Grangier
  • R
    • Richard 1927-2012, married to Jeanne Moreau in 1949
    • Robichaud 1774, son of Pierre and Anne Marguerite Michel, married to Claire Nathalie Gauthier in 1790
  • S
    • Savard 1746-1828, son of Pierre and Marie-Josephte Bouchard, married to Marie-Genevieve Ursule Brisson in 1770
    • Seigner 1930, son of Louis Joseph and Marie Baptiste Cazeaux, with Aline Ponelle
  • T
    • Tremblay 1768-1810, son of Jean François and Marie Madeleine Gonthier, married to Dorothee Perron in 1792
    • Trogoff (de) 1657-1727, son of Guillaume and Marie de Quelen, married to Jeanne Roland in 1702
  • V
    • Vallette 1800-1872, married to Nanette Charlotte Pauline Appia in 1836
    • Viau 1770-1833, married to Veronique Canuel in 1789