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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 John Arthur


  • A
    • Ashbaugh 1904-1960, son of Edward Sullivan and Wilda Beatrice Ramsey, married to Lenora Ullam Held in 1932, Eva Laverne McGeary in 1948.
    • Ashbaugh, son of John Arthur and Deborah Kay Ward, married to Jacqueline Mikus in 2002.
    • Ashbaugh, son of John Arthur and Eva Laverne McGeary, with Deborah Kay Ward.
  • B
    • Beebe 1885-1974, son of William Nelson and Melinda Maria Reed.
    • Brash 1911-1995, son of Arthur Arheim Rosenbaum and Viola Sykes, with Elizabeth Jane Wiener, Roberta R. Segal in 1970.
    • Bryan ca 1780-, son of Arthur and Nancy McCullers, father of John Henry.
  • C
    • Coleman, with Anna Johanna Secore.
    • Cox 1933-2001, son of John Arthur and Dorothy Roxana Ridley, married to Mildred Williams.
    • Cox 1910-1981, son of Peter Richard Grosvenor and Rosaline Colbert, married to Dorothy Roxana Ridley in 1932.
    • Cullen 1909-1950, son of Joseph and Rose Ellen Dunne.
  • D
    • Dallas 1874-1919, married to Ghunda Pedersdtr Johnson in 1897.
    • Devine 1896-1958, son of Patrick Joseph and Lucy Riley, married to Natalie Catherine Diss in 1924.
  • E
    • Estes 1895-, son of Ira Wyeth and Mary Cecily Ricks.
    • Evens 1876-1955, son of Robert Harrison and Mary Alice Jamison, married to Ollie Lee Sparks in 1903.
  • F
    • Finnegan 1920-1973, son of Ambrose Joseph and Geraldine Catherine Blewitt.
  • G
    • Gamble, father of Judy Mary.
    • Gildea 1859-1947, son of Thomas Patrick and Mary Casey, married to Ellen Lavina Harrison in 1880.
  • H
    • Hinckley 1932-2006, son of John Arthur and Helen Douglas Robinson.
    • Hinckley 1905-1940, married to Helen Douglas Robinson in 1930.
  • I
    • Ingalls 1890-1970, son of J. Herman and Ellen Chandler Smith, with Dora Mae French.
  • J
    • Johnson 1878-1946 John Arthur Jack
  • L
    • Lithgow 1945, son of Arthur Washington and Sarah Jane Price, married to Jean Taynton in 1966, Mary Yeager in 1981.
  • O
    • Orr 1726-1795, son of Alexander and Agnes Dalrymple, married to Elizabeth Monroe Susannah Grayson.
    • Osterman 1887-1955, son of John A. and Delia Burns, married to Emma x in 1910.
  • R
    • Rosckes, son of Donald Charles and Joan Marie Preisen.
  • S
    • Sympson 1834-1904, son of Henry and Elinor Barbee, with Mary Etta Nall.
  • T
    • Toal 1862-1946, son of Edward and Ann McFarland.
  • W
    • Whited 1908-1929, son of William W. and Myrtle Olive Pancake.
    • Wick 1942, son of Loren Adair and Mildred Marie Johnson, married to Gail Ellen Olson in 1968.
    • Winn 1931-2007, son of Russell Bosworth and Margaret Irene Sholes, with X Gates, X Hutchinson.