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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 John Benjamin


  • C
    • Cary 1821-1893, son of Benjamin Franklin Carey and Hannah McNeely, married to Barbara Tiller in 1840
    • Castleberry 1883-1969, son of Elisha Marvin and Martha Elizabeth Derrick, married to Bernie Ruth Bobo in 1912
    • Colby 1795-1854, son of James and Caity Brown, married to Dolly Davis in 1818
  • D
    • Durham 1862-1944, son of Samuel B. and Mary Robinson, married to Alice B. Hill in 1887
  • E
    • Eastman, son of John Foster and Marilyn Marie Johnson
    • Edwards 1846-1906, married to Ruth Evans in 1870
  • F
    • Forshee 1918-1995, son of John Albert and Alma B. Ashbaugh, with Victoria Pyatt
  • G
    • Gorsuch 1824-1902, son of Nicholas and Jane Ensor, married to Mary Elliott in 1853
    • Grayson 1655-1736, married to Susanna Alling White
    • Griffing 1758-1803, son of William and Hannah Horton, married to Penelope Coleman in 1778
  • H
    • Hine ca 1765-1822, son of Jonathan and Sarah Baldwin, married to Sarah Humphrey in 1798
    • Hosford 1878-1957, with Mary J. Aldrich
  • I
    • Ireland 1914-1992, son of John Benjamin and Catherine Gracie Ferguson, married to Elaine Ruth Gudmand in 1937, Joanne Letitia LaCock in 1949, Daphne Myrick Cameron in 1962
    • Ireland, married to Catherine Gracie Ferguson
  • L
    • Lampley 1896-1940, son of John Dupree and Sarah Ann Hurst, married to Virginia D. Morris
  • M
    • More 1804-1883, son of James and Roxanna Benjamin, married to Louisa Jane Kelly in 1829
  • R
    • Rathbun 1821-1877, son of Alfred and Laura Brown, married to Keturah Rose Corey in 1846, Eliza Bain in 1876
    • Rector 1764-1856, son of John Jacob and Catherine Rector, married to Chloe Elizabeth McPherson in 1786
    • Richards 1783-1867, son of John Benjamin and Katharine Clary, married to Elizabeth Ann Warner
    • Richards 1760-1823, married to Katharine Clary in 1781
    • Ridenour 1840-, son of David and Sarah Shauver
  • S
    • Schisler 1860-1915, son of John Benjamin and Matilda Fitz, married to Alvera Minerva Kelly in 1883
    • Schisler 1833-1912, married to Matilda Fitz in 1855
    • Sleight 1860-1941, son of Theodore Martin and Julia Ann Pool
    • Strong, son of John Coulter and Charlotte H. Kislingberry, with Marilyn Joyce MacDonald
  • T
    • Tolkien 1807-1896, son of George William and Eliza Lydia Murrell, married to Mary Jane Stow in 1856
    • Trueblood 1913, son of John Gray and Anna May Marks, with Virginia Parks
    • Trueblood, son of John Benjamin and Virginia Parks
    • Turner 1836-, son of Benjamin and Sarah B. Johnson
  • W
    • Wildrick 1853-1881, son of Samuel W. and Weltha C. Fanning, married to Anna Eliza Fisk
    • Wise 1876-, son of Joshua M. and Effie Jane Long
    • Wright 1856-1940, married to Susan Charlotte McGrew in 1884
  • Z
    • Zimmerman 1828-1905, son of John Benjamin and Susan Blocher, married to Mary Hershey in 1873
    • Zimmerman 1812, married to Susan Blocher