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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 John Lawrence


  • C
    • Caldwell 1875-1922, son of Thomas Anderson and Mary Alice Hamman, married to Evelyne de Lambert in 1902
  • D
    • Delancey, married to Donna Jean Bushroe in 1985
    • Dye 1732-1822, son of John Lawrence and Mary Applegate, married to Jane Eliza Mount in 1767
    • Dye 1711-1776, son of John Lawrence and Anna Moore, married to Mary Applegate in 1730
    • Dye 1687-1750, son of Hans Laurensen Duyts and Sarah Vincent, married to Anna Moore in 1706
  • F
    • Ferguson 1875-1952, married to R. Carrie Cansler in 1896
    • Freund 1873-, son of Peter and Catharine Braun, with Christina Josephine Bintz
  • G
    • Gallup 1898-1983, married to Mary Beatrice White
    • Gilman 1802-1839, son of John and Nancy Lawrence, married to Cornelia Baker in 1824
    • Gray 1892-1957, son of Lawrence Frank and Apolonia Paulina Krishka, married to Lucieo Victoria Kaczmarek in 1920
  • H
    • Howard 1851-, with Helen Louise Coe
    • Hubbell 1796-1880, son of John and Parrilas Foote, married to Sophia Rees Morse in 1823
  • K
    • Kaiser 1902-1977, son of Adolph and Sophie Rose, married to Josephine Bianco
    • Krieger 1715-1784, son of Hans Georg and Anna Margareta Bach, married to Maria Elizabeth Hahn in 1741
  • L
    • Lantz 1829-1911, son of Jacob and Delilah Coen, married to Sarah Cumbridge Bradford in 1850
  • N
    • Narz, son of John Lawrence Jack and Mary Lou Roemheld
    • Narz 1922-2008 John Lawrence Jack
    • Narz, married to Nellie Catherine Floore
  • P
    • Parvin 1835-, married to Rebecca Culver in 1864
    • Pauly, son of Steven Clemens and Christine Mary Kreuser, father of Tony
  • R
    • Riehm 1926-1993, son of John Lawrence and Jane M. x, with Dolores Faust
    • Riehm 1899-1977, son of John Lawrence and Minnie C. Phelan, with Jane M. x
    • Riehm 1869-1955, with Minnie C. Phelan
    • Riehm, son of John Lawrence and Dolores Faust
    • Rocheford 1914-1974, son of Lawrence Magloire and Anne G. Trow, married to Kathryn Joan Hamilton in 1940
    • Rocheford, son of John Lawrence and Kathryn Joan Hamilton, with Dana Lee Plagman
  • S
    • Schoolcraft 1806-1860, son of John and Deborah McKenzie, married to Carolina Cornelia Canfield in 1853
  • T
    • Taylor, son of Cleo and Julia Graves, with Glenda Kay Palmer
    • Thomas 1865-1936, son of Joseph Alma and Mary Ellen Lawrence, with Margaret Jane McOmie
    • Timmons 1852-1921, son of Edward and Bridget Hynes, married to Elizabeth Lewis in 1878
  • W
    • Walkup 1914-2002, son of John Lowry and Jesse E. Dimmitt, with Lucy Frances Meloy
    • Ward 1888-, son of John and Catherine Connelly, married to Adeline x in 1920
    • Whitbread 1548-1598, with Eleanor Radcliffe
    • Williams 1854-1926, married to Sarah Elizabeth Styons in 1884
  • Y
    • Yon 1883-, son of Gregory and Sara Jollie