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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 John Paul


  • A
    • Angell 1883-1930, son of Truman Osborn and Joanna Gregory, with Ruth Pierson.
  • B
    • Baldwin 1864-1924, son of John and Lucy Gould, married to Constance A. Knowlton in 1897.
    • Ball 1746-1829, son of John and Patience Reeves, married to Mary Molly Patton in 1765.
    • Barnett 1827-1876, married to Catherine E. Miller.
    • Barringer 1721-1807, married to Ann Eliza Eisemann, Catherine Elizabeth Blackwelder.
  • C
    • Chojnacki, son of Joseph H. and Fidelis H. Kroll, with Denise Anna Jablonski.
    • Cobb ca 1765-1848, son of Jasper Edward, married to Lydia Keys in 1805.
    • Cosgrave 1848-1913, son of Andrew Patrick and Margaret Wynne, married to Elizabeth Newhoff in 1868.
    • Crews 1906-1985, son of John J. and Larceny Williams.
  • D
    • Darst 1753-1815, son of Johann Paul Derst, married to Catherine Yeager.
    • Dietrich 1891-, son of John and Sarah K. Peters.
    • Duffy, son of Sean Patrick and Rachel Campos.
    • Dunn 1856-1906, with Mary L. Mahoney.
  • G
    • Gandrud 1946-1946, son of Samuel Garfield and Katherine Bertalda Norby.
    • Goodlander 1788-1857, son of Christian and Elizabeth Wuerz.
    • Grimké 1713-1791, son of Christopher Grimke and Mary Elizabeth x, married to Ann Grimball, Marie Faucheraud.
  • H
    • Hammond, son of John Henry and Jemison McBride, married to Dana McDevitt in 1967, Marla x in 1983.
    • Heiman, son of John Paul and Margaret Ann Campbell.
    • Heiman, son of Paul Mathew and Florence Elizabeth Kraft, with Margaret Ann Campbell.
    • Henson 1965-2014, son of James Maury and Jane Ann Nebel, married to Gyongyi F. Katona in 1996.
    • Hodges, son of Cheatham Eli and Marie Veronica Smith.
  • J
    • Johnson 1875, son of Alex and Quilley Williams, married to Estelle Sherman.
    • Jones 1899-1993, son of Benjamin Franklin and Myrtle Sears, with Melba Wood, Inez Swain in 1969.
    • Jones 1835-1892, married to Mary Rebecca Dowling in 1858.
    • Jones, married to Anne Campbell.
  • L
    • Labofish 1896-1956, son of Charles Shashan and Rose Ethel Lamlec, married to Jeanne Victoria Anne Clérec in 1920, Ruth E. x.
    • Lasonio, son of X Peifer, with Lucille Temple Hedges.
  • M
    • Mulheran, son of John Thomas and Mary Carol Trow.
  • R
    • Riva, son of William and Maria Elisabetha Sieber.
    • Robbins 1875-1963, son of Dustin Henry and Martha Elizabeth Coe, married to Georgia Ethyl Varner in 1899.
    • Rushing 1753-1790, son of William and Mary Paul, with Temperance Jane May.
  • S
    • Sample, with Carrie Anna x.
    • Sarkisian 1926-1985 John Paul Johnnie
    • Stevens 1920-2019, son of Ernest James and Elizabeth Maude Street, married to Elizabeth Jane Sheeren in 1942, Maryan Barbara Mulholland in 1979.
    • Strzok, son of Ignatius Nick and Genevieve Frances Polnaszek.
  • T
    • Tillman 1731-1830, son of John Stephen Tilghman and Rosanna Tapper, married to Sarah Eggarton.
  • W
    • Welker 1756-1816, with Mary x.
    • Wicks, son of Harry August and Rosemary Blossom, with Anita A. Michael, Barbara Joy Wetzstein in 1980.
    • Williams 1864, son of William and Annie Williams, married to Hannah C. Wilson in 1889.
  • Z
    • Zukowski, son of John Francis and Rosina Kaiser, with Maria Carolyn Gabbey.