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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Joseph Charles, Joseph-Charles


  • B
    • Bonanno 1945-2005, son of Giuseppe Carlo and Fay Fannie LaBruzzo.
    • Bondi 1936-2013, son of Joseph Charles and Virginia Webster Collie, married to Patsy Loretta Hammer in 1960.
    • Bondi 1909-1983, son of Calogero P. Chalres and Teresa Cagnina, married to Virginia Webster Collie.
  • C
    • Cambron ca 1763-ca 1833, son of John Baptist and Nancy Head, married to Patricia Martha Osborne in 1803.
    • Charboneau 1921-1971, son of Charles Joseph Charbonneau and Marie Alma Proteau, with Pearl Lorraine Simmons.
    • Collins 1801-1861, married to Lydia Johnson in 1829.
    • Corrado 1888-1936, son of Charles and Agnes Cuccio, with Genevia M. Baeumle.
  • D
    • Dalmas 1776-1859, son of Jean François and Sophie Marie Madeleine Gentil, married to Jane Mary Hayes in 1819.
    • Dangl 1891-1979, married to Imogene Lyle Culver in 1920.
    • Duncan 1819-1898, son of Joseph Moulder and Harriet Bioren, with Mary Dora Gray.
  • E
    • Elliott 1836-1909, married to Marie Adelaide Sevigny.
  • G
    • Gannett 1840-1906, son of Joseph Warren and Matilda Brown, with Maria Brooks.
    • Gaudet 1751-1818, son of Jacques and Marie Louise Beaudry, married to Jeanne Marie Pilet in 1775.
    • Gehring 1911-1963, son of Joseph Charles and Alicia M. Mason, married to Mary Constance Stugan.
    • Gehring 1883-1944, married to Alicia M. Mason.
    • Glass 1904-1978, son of William Henry and Bessie Margaret Ball, married to Kathleen Orne Ware in 1927.
    • Guilbeaux 1710-1765, son of Charles Guilbeau and Anne Bourg, married to Madeleine Marguerite Michel in 1733.
  • H
    • Hamel 1678-, son of Jean and Christine-Charlotte Gaudry, married to Marie-Angélique Gauthier in 1701.
  • M
    • Martell 1861-1940, son of Charles Joseph Martel and Emelie Fortier, married to Margaret Mary DeSotell in 1884.
    • Montalbano, with Gayle Theresa Freethy.
  • R
    • Ramser 1869-1938, son of George and Catherine Merkel, married to Sarah Mackey in 1894.
    • Redding 1856-1925, son of Nicholas V. and Margaretha Schwarzkopf.
  • S
    • Sulzbach (of) 1694-1729, son of Theodor Eustach von Wittlesbach and Marie Eleonore von Hessen-Rheinfels-Rotenburg, married to Elizabeth Augusta Sophie von Neuburg in 1717.
  • V
    • Vezino 1927-2006, son of William Alphonse and Mary Anna Kornbacher, with Helen L. x.
  • W
    • Whitman, son of Max and Anne Pearlman, with Cecilia Gould.