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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Joseph R.


  • B
    • Baker 1860-1860, son of William London and Caroline Elizabeth Rider
    • Baynes, married to Marie Pokea
    • Bennett ca 1806-ca 1872, married to Mary Hartshorn
    • Berrick 1892-, son of Abraham H. and Minnie Manheimer
    • Boone 1811-1899, son of Henry and Mary x, married to Virginia Eleanor Mary Crenshaw in 1841
  • C
    • Clarkson 1902-1970, married to Allene Moore
    • Copeland 1825-1882, son of John and Margaret Tener, with Amy Ann Hughes
    • Coppock 1807-1886, son of John and Anna Jay, married to Mildred Amelia Hall in 1835
    • Cowens 1860-1918, son of Samuel and Susan Belle Reeves, married to Anna Schaffeld in 1889
    • Crandall 1793-, son of Peter and Nancy Bliven
    • Culver, son of Elias W. and Mary Pencil
  • D
    • Densmore 1869-, son of Andrew Mcconnell Dinsmore and Mary A. Strain, with Ollie L. Higgins
    • Dillingham 1804-1867, son of James and Hannah Young, married to Louisiana Lucinda Larue in 1829
    • Dole 1824-1901, son of Joseph R. and Margaret Louisa Wood
    • Dole 1791-1865, son of Joseph and Rebecca Smith, married to Margaret Louisa Wood in 1817, Peggy Baum in 1827
  • E
    • Eggleston 1850-1853, son of Silas and Lucy Barrows
  • F
    • Freeman †1899, son of Jonathan and Mary Cherry, married to Mary Ann Perkins in 1839
  • H
    • Henderson 1870-1952, son of Thomas Joseph and Teresa Leher, married to Elizabeth P. Elder
    • Hodge 1755-1822, married to Euphemia Agnew
    • Hovis 1843-1879, son of John Phillip and Mary M. Brown, married to Margaret Jane Whitener in 1865
  • K
    • Kates, married to Elaine Jocelyn Bartlett in 1966
    • Keedy, married to Sarah Proctor
  • M
    • McKay, with Mary Richmond Southmayd
    • McKenzie 1832-1901, married to Lucy Ann Moore
    • Miller, with Mary A. x
  • P
    • Peters 1905-1992, married to Eva May Lankford in 1931
    • Phillips 1831-1890, son of Henry and Elizabeth Reeder, married to Annie M. Hendricksen
    • Phillips, married to Zelphia McCann in 1891
  • R
    • Rockwell 1765-1818, son of Joseph and Wait Raymond, married to Mercy Keeler in 1785
  • S
    • Stevens 1809-1881, son of Thomas and Sarah Sallie Grover, married to Isabell R. Morgan in 1833, Arzelia Morgan in 1835, Abby M. Spencer in 1859
  • T
    • Thayer 1823-1824, son of Zenas and Sally Burridge
    • Towles, son of Harold R. and Nellie E. Flaherty, with Georgetta Rice
  • W
    • Whisenant 1789-1870, son of John Nicholas and Mary Elizabeth Carpenter, married to Unity Hardin in 1810