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The Dowling Family Tree with a half million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over a thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Joseph Warren


  • A
    • Adams 1832-, son of Elias and Clarissa Thomas, with Josephine Merrill.
    • Appleton 1813-1892, son of Henry Knox and Mary Owens, married to Rebecca Samuels in 1833.
  • B
    • Birdseye 1831-1901, son of Joseph and Caroline Hubbell, with Mary Jerusha Johnson.
    • Burris 1839-1916, son of Martin and Francina Denney, married to Rhoda Christian in 1860.
    • Byrum 1848-, son of Josiah and Temperance Hollowell, with Georgia Anna Hollowell.
  • C
    • Cone 1755-1848, son of Sylvanus and Hannah Ackley.
    • Culver 1834-1906, son of William and Susan Wardell Kirby.
  • D
    • Davidson 1838-1902, son of William Lee and Mary Ann Davis, married to Myra Jane Hurst in 1864.
    • Day 1849-1922, son of Nathaniel and Eunice Boober.
    • Day 1817-, son of Aaron and Marion Harris.
  • E
    • Eldredge 1777-1842, son of James and Lucy Gallup, with Betsey Tyler.
  • G
    • Gannett 1809-1867, son of Joseph and Sarah Eaton, married to Matilda Brown in 1832.
    • Goddard 1835-1890, son of Abijah Warren and Eliza Tilden, married to Marie Pearson in 1870.
  • H
    • Hodges 1815-, son of Joseph and Clarissa Perkins.
    • Hutton 1928-2009, son of Joseph Warren and Janet E. Van Stone, with Shirley Jean Nelson, Mildred M. Thiede in 1982.
    • Hutton 1899-1988, son of Delver Warren and Frances Marian Eby, with Janet E. Van Stone.
    • Hutton, son of Joseph Warren and Shirley Jean Nelson.
  • K
    • King 1814-1885, son of John Bowker and Hannah Newton, married to Betsey Kendall.
  • P
    • Plimpton 1809-, son of Simon and Polly Dean, with Eleanor Eliza Plimpton.
    • Potter 1801-1849, son of Noel and Anna Roberts, married to Lucy R. Fisk in 1824.
    • Presley 1907, son of Rosella Elizebeth Rosie Presley.
  • S
    • Snave 1840-1918, married to Mary Ellen Baum in 1865.
    • Stillwell 1912-1966, son of Joseph Warren and Winifred Alison Smith.
    • Stillwell 1883-1946, son of Benjamin W. and Mary Augusta Peene, married to Winifred Alison Smith in 1910.
  • V
    • Vaughan 1833-1892, son of Ira and Emily Luce Johnson, with Dolly Cutts Rollins, Martha Johnson Cutts in 1856.