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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Julia E.


  • A
    • Ashbaugh ca 1845-, daughter of James Christopher and Luellen Ellender Thompson, with X Murray
  • B
    • Bellieu 1864-1947, daughter of John S. Billieu and Mary Frances Williams, married to Alfred George DeGeneres in 1888
  • C
    • Carberry, daughter of James Patrick and Effie C. x, with Gayle Harlan Snyder
    • Carroll 1841-, daughter of Augustus Smith and Lois French, married to Martin S. Keeler in 1866
    • Cartwright 1890-1930, married to Percy Clarence Wilderman in 1907
    • Cavanaugh 1842-1881, married to Christopher Keating in 1862
    • Chaney 1856-1906, married to Benjamin A. Howard in 1879
    • Cook 1882-1957, with Don David Bundy
  • D
    • Derby 1884-, daughter of William Spencer and Emma Rebecca Sperry
    • Dow 1849-, daughter of Jonathan and Abigail Towne
  • E
    • Eggleston 1914-1979, with Leonard Earl Pelton
    • Estes 1853-1882, daughter of Jerome Byron and Rachel M. Boardman
  • F
    • Folsom 1841-1863, daughter of Jonathan and Abigail Chase
  • G
    • Gould 1818-1894, daughter of Phares and Melissa Osborn, married to Addison Gardiner Jerome in 1840
  • H
    • Hanson 1865-1945, daughter of Anthony and Fannie Jane Gilbert, married to Frank Salisbury Walden in 1879
    • Hatch 1919-1999, daughter of Pascal Enos and Ellen Dean Smith, with Samuel Pearson Goddard
    • Hyde ca 1872-, daughter of Albert James and Alice Emeline Spurr
  • J
    • Jenckes 1813-1872, daughter of Job and Sarah Aldrich, married to Aaron Rathbun in 1829
  • K
    • Kindrick 1858-1942, daughter of William J. and Rachael Abigail Coffey, with John Brent Crawford
    • Kluver, with Terry William Chaffee
  • L
    • Lobdell 1857-1909, daughter of George R. and Elizabeth Holden, married to Wallace W. Armstrong in 1869
    • Lueke 1875-1916, daughter of John Henry and Elizabeth Ruhr, married to Gustave William Luetkemeyer in 1899
  • M
    • McCarthy 1885-1968, daughter of Timothy J. and Margaret Dowd, married to David Aloysius Feeherry
    • Messplay 1842-, daughter of Pierre Eugene and Sarah Randall, married to William E. Yarnall in 1867
    • Millican 1878-1938, with Andrew Jackson Lawrence
  • P
    • Palmer 1883-, daughter of Isaac A. and Alcina E. Walford
  • S
    • Sanders 1897-1987, daughter of Henry A. and May E. Patrick, married to John Samuel Bass in 1914
    • Smith 1815-1880, married to Joseph Smith Raynor
  • W
    • Walker 1843-, married to Francis Pixley in 1861
    • White 1832-, daughter of David L. and Sarah M. Embley, married to James William Brundage in 1857
    • Wilde 1903-, daughter of Thomas Edmund and Margaret E. Ferguson
  • x
    • x ca 1838-, married to William K. Cowen in 1855
    • x, with Ronald J. Dowling