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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • A
    • Albright 1906-1968, daughter of Judson H. and Ruby Camper, married to Clyde Allen Bowman in 1925
    • Ashbaugh ca 1900-1961/, daughter of John Finley and Sara Lynn Jones, with James Hunter
  • B
    • Bowman 1880-, daughter of James M. and Ruth Arrington
    • Briggs 1872-1959, daughter of Levi L. and Narcisus Bough, married to William Wilson Bumgarner in 1891
    • Brown 1875-, son of Louis Daniel and Clara Ramsey
    • Bumgarner 1908-1912, daughter of William Wilson and Louella Briggs
    • Burley, married to William Henry Fidler in 1896
  • C
    • Christensen 1917-1996, daughter of Harold Legart and Ragnhild x, with James Newell Osterberg
    • Clifford 1856-1897, daughter of Nasa Meek and Eliza Jane Birdwell, married to Ernest Aaron Birdwell
  • E
    • Eades ca 1864-1942, daughter of John R. and Sarah Ann Lovelace, with Netter Adkins
  • F
    • Ford 1871-1949, daughter of Richard Ewing and Florence Lynch
  • G
  • K
    • King 1899-, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Louella Strong
  • L
    • Lawless 1865-, daughter of Thomas J. and Sallie A. Ashby, married to Millard Fillmore Plaster in 1883
  • M
    • Mauck 1859-, daughter of Alfred Broyles and Mary Ann Maris, with Willis Vinson Hargrove
    • Mays 1869-1940, daughter of David Reichert and Rowena Smith
    • McGrew, with William F. Ring
    • Mehrten 1868-1941, married to Albert L. Shaner in 1909
  • N
    • Noblitt 1873-1952, daughter of Jonathan Marion and Elizabeth F. Pierce, married to William Thomas Robison in 1889
  • S
    • Sells 1884-1958, daughter of Henry and Missouri Belle Winningham, married to John Allen Winningham in 1900
    • Smith 1859-1917, daughter of Jonathan A. and Lucinda Cull, married to Adolphus Eichelberger in 1876
  • U
    • Ulmer, daughter of Leopold and Roseanna Spitzer, married to Maurice Dean Letz
  • W
    • Wiginton 1902-1981, daughter of James Dolphus and Maude Ann Damron, married to Herod Matthew Ely
    • Wilkinson 1885-1981, daughter of Daniel Elliott Huger and Mary Mildred Duncan, with Lester E. Moffatt