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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • B
    • Baxter 1743-1835, married to Rhoda Manter in 1777.
    • Brown 1698-, son of Richard and Mary Rhodes.
    • Browning 1600-1653, married to Mary Collier in 1628.
    • Bullard 1710-, son of Malachi and Bethia Wight.
    • Bullard 1685-, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Thorpe, married to Bethia Wight in 1708.
    • Butler ca 1689-, son of John and Priscilla Norton, with Jemima Daggett.
  • C
    • Church 1732-1790, son of Nathaniel Whipple and Rachel McCraney, married to Elizabeth Miller in 1756.
    • Conant 1715-1783, son of Caleb and Hannah Crane, married to Sarah Freeman in 1738.
    • Conry, with Grace x.
    • Corning 1700, son of John and Elizabeth Edwards, married to Eunice Leach in 1726.
  • E
    • Ellis 1689-, son of Matthias and Mercy Nye, with Jane Blackwell.
  • F
    • Felton 1705-, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Foote.
  • H
    • Hammett, married to Hannah Wickes in 1765.
    • Harris 1911-1983, son of Jmaes and Clander Washington, married to Rachel Freedman.
    • Hinton 1729-1807, son of John and Mary Hardy, married to Sarah Wimberly in 1764.
    • Holloway ca 1647-1723/, son of William and Grace x, married to Elizabeth Shove in 1692.
    • Howland 1711-1802, son of Joshua and Elizabeth Holloway, married to Hopestill Dwelly in 1743.
  • I
    • Iles 1832-1914, son of Joseph, married to Mary Anne Jones.
  • J
    • Jenkins 1771-1813, son of David and Elizabeth Merritt, married to Mary Gurney in 1794.
  • L
    • Lawrence 1793-1862, son of Henry Hardy and Winnie Manard, married to Isabelle Grimsley in 1817.
    • Loveland, son of Robert and Dinah Andrews, with Priscilla Norcott.
    • Luce 1755-1838, son of Jonathan and Urana x, married to Anna Luce in 1775.
  • M
    • Maynard 1745-1824, son of Ebenezer and Amee Dodge, married to Elizabeth Amy Hinds in 1768.
  • N
    • Nichols 1747-1819, son of Jabez and Hannah Hopkins, with Abigail Gale.
  • O
    • Orcutt 1789-1858, son of Malachi and Sarah Hovey, with Susan Marks.
    • Orcutt 1764-1803, son of Jacob and Abigail James, married to Sarah Hovey in 1788.
  • R
    • Reeves 1739-1784, son of James and Millicent Thomas, married to Fortune Burton.
    • Rhodes 1734-, son of Malachi and Deborah Whitman, with Betsey Sheldon.
    • Rhodes 1707-, son of Malachi and Dorothy Whipple, married to Deborah Whitman in 1731.
    • Rhodes 1701-1702..1703, son of Malachi and Dorothy Whipple.
    • Rhodes 1676-1714, son of Malachi and Mary Carder, married to Dorothy Whipple.
    • Rhodes 1650-1682, son of Zachariah and Joanna Arnold, married to Mary Carder in 1675.
  • S
    • Sanford 1763-, with Martha Rathbun.
    • Smith ca 1789-1859, married to Susannah Garrison in 1814.
    • Stallings 1760-1803, son of Jesse, married to Martha Patsy Moseley in 1780.