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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Maria Josefa, María-Josefa


  • A
    • Acosta Villa 1803, daughter of Hermeregildo Acosta and Maria Gertrudis Irenia Villa, married to Jose Antonio Caro Ortiz in 1825
    • Alvarez Londoño 1810-1898, daughter of Miguel Maria Jacinto Alvarez Ontaneda and Mariana Antonia Londoño Bernal, married to Juan Tomas Arango Mesa in 1826
    • Aragon 1807, married to Juan Montoya in 1824
  • B
    • Becerra 1818-1883, married to John Gibson McCall
    • Berumen 1840-, daughter of Sotero and Justa Rufina Zuniga
    • Betancur Moreto 1697, daughter of Manuel Betancur Alvarez and Maria Moreto Pelaez, married to Juan Uribe Restrepo in 1714
  • C
    • Carpena 1747-1797, married to Jose Cajigas
    • Castro Lisandro †1821, daughter of Jose Antonio Castro Aguirre and Josefa Nicolasa Lisondo Falcon, married to Benito Atanasio Mora Barrantes in 1772
    • Cornejo 1800, married to Pedro Flores in 1815
    • Corrales 1880-1962, married to José Manuel Cortina y García
  • D
    • Dueñas Tobon 1756-1830, married to Juan Francisco Echeverri Gallon in 1772
  • E
    • Esquer Páez 1772, daughter of Francisco Gabriel Esquer Murillo and Ana Antonia Páez, married to Jose Francisco Rodriguera Astorga
  • G
    • Gallegos 1809, married to Jose Maria Romero
    • Garcia, married to Jose Ramon Longoria
    • Gaviria Jaramillo †1874, daughter of Jose Antonio Gaviria Gallon and Maria Nicolasa Jaramillo Garcia, married to Pastor Avendaño Carvajal
    • Gomez 1841, daughter of Antonio and Maria Rita del Villar, married to Jose Ramon Hernandez Godinez in 1858
    • Gomez Falcon 1734, married to Javier Flores de la Torre y Franco Paredes in 1755
    • Gonzalez de Haro , daughter of Gabriel and Mariana de Quero, with Manuel de la Torre
    • Guerra Palaez Ruiz ca 1625-, married to Alonso Lopez de Restrepo Mendez in 1645
    • Guerra Ramirez 1818, daughter of Jose Isidro Guerra Trevino and Maria Luisa Ramirez, married to Jose Agustin Barrera Hinojosa in 1835
  • H
  • J
    • Jaramillo ca 1808-1868, married to Christopher Houston Kit Carson in 1843
  • L
    • Lastiri Lozano 1792-1846, married to Jose Francisco Morazán Quesada in 1825
    • Letelier Munoz 1814-1901, married to Jose Miguel Pinochet Letelier
    • Letelier Verdugo 1790-1865, married to Jose Maria Pinochet y Urrutia Avellaneda in 1840
    • Leyva 1784-ca 1840, daughter of Joseph Gregrio and Maria Martinez, married to José Miguel Urioste in 1800
  • O
    • Ortiz 1810, daughter of Antonio de Jesus and Maria Teresa Miera y Pacheco, married to Mauel Doroteo Pino in 1826
    • Osuna 1770-1801, married to Jose Gabriel Espinosa in 1790
  • P
    • Padilla 1739, daughter of Francisco and Isabel Baca, married to Tomas Chavez in 1759
    • Perez Pacheco 1668-1693, married to Jose Baca in 1684
  • R
    • Romero ca 1777-1818/, daughter of Juan Maria and Maria Lugarda Salgado, married to Jose Mariano Castro in 1791
  • S
    • Sanchez de Espinosa Luna 1680-1756, married to Eugenio Chiriboga
    • Sevilla (de) 1760, married to Juan Maria Campusano in 1772
    • Sierra Gutierrez 1777, daughter of José Antonio Sierra Echeverri and Marcela Micaela Gutierrez Avendaño, married to Cosme Jaramillo Alvarez
  • U
  • V
  • l
    • la Garza (de) 1700, daughter of Francisco de la Garza Garcia and Maria de la Garza, married to Diego Hinojosa de la Garza in 1726
    • la Garza Diaz Molina (de) 1674-1734, daughter of Pedro de la Garza de la Rocha and Ana Diaz Botello, married to Diego Hinojosa Cantu in 1694