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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Mary Theresa


  • B
    • Becker 1856, daughter of Johann Adam and Theresia Stumpf, married to John Leritz in 1883
    • Booth 1848-1918, daughter of William and Mary x, with Eugene Papin
    • Broderick, daughter of Raymond W. and Rita A. Viamari
    • Burch 1822-1892, with George Simeon Hayden
  • C
    • Cagney 1865-, daughter of James and Margaret F. Howard
    • Carter, daughter of Francis, with Lew Eric Jones
    • Costello, daughter of Joseph William and Anna Marie Sheridan
  • D
    • Danher 1877-ca 1920, daughter of John Dahnher and Jane Baines, married to Owen Mohin in 1905
  • G
    • Garvey 1863-1951, married to Adolphus Lewellyn Crippen in 1884
    • Gray, with Seth Hinckley
  • H
    • Hardey 1825-, daughter of William Frederick and Sarah Spalding, married to Thomas Cole Anderson
    • Hatch 1849-1933, daughter of David Martin and Harriet Sophia Butterfield, married to James Ferris Spoor in 1866
  • J
  • K
    • Kapaun 1886-1981, daughter of Frank and Eve Staudenmaier, married to Alvin Orth in 1911
    • Karges 1900-, daughter of Conrad N. and Theresa Schreindl
  • L
    • Leibfried 1886-1962, daughter of Francis M. and Christina Hargrafen, with Frank Neumann
    • Lyons 1864-1946, married to William Daniel Linville in 1881
  • M
    • McSloy 1861-, daughter of Michael and Mary McSloy, married to Edwin M. Fisher in 1887
    • Mckee 1824-1884, daughter of Alexander McKee and Phyllis Jacobs, married to Arthur Rankin in 1840
    • Mehegan, with James Jerome Hill
  • N
    • Noone 1938-, daughter of Thomas Joseph and Dorothy Doris Kendrick
    • Norton 1851-1920, married to James Lee in 1877
  • O
    • O'Brien 1901-2003, married to Peter Milley
    • O'Grady, daughter of Standish, married to Henry Fox-Strangways in 1772
  • R
    • Rockwell 1923-2007, daughter of Stephen Arthur and Margaret Frances Crowley
  • S
    • Snow 1889-1965, daughter of William Spencer and Emily Henrietta Eyring, married to Reuben Lorenzo Hill in 1911
    • Sprague 1867-1869, daughter of Ezra Thompson and Helen Louisa Crandall
    • Strobel 1858-1894, daughter of Francis Xavier and Barbara Waltzer, married to Jacob Schlaefer in 1883
  • T
    • Thompson 1868-1957, married to Anson Bowen Call in 1885
  • V
    • Vaughan 1810-, daughter of William and Theresa Maria Weld
    • Vaughan 1713-1754, daughter of John and Elizabeth Jones, with Edward Weld
  • W
    • Webster 1853, daughter of Asahel Jeffers and Lavinia Tupper, married to Rupert Inglis Woodward in 1879
  • x
    • x 1818-, with George Leibfried