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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • B
    • Berumen, daughter of Jesus and Aurelia Marquez.
    • Botsios, married to Edwin Morley Hicks in 2003.
    • Buendgen, daughter of Jozef Adam and Lynn Marie Vial.
  • D
    • Dalton 1886-, daughter of Winnall Agustin and Maria de Jesus Francisca Vasquez.
    • Della Gavarante 1896-1977, daughter of Giovanni John Garaventa and Rosa Casagrande, with Anthony Martin Sinatra.
    • Dreyfuss 1987, daughter of Lorin Henry and Patricia Barbara Daw.
    • Driggs 1887-1964, daughter of William Hale and Mary Eddy, married to Henri Martin Jensen.
  • E
    • Edgerton, daughter of Buford Leroy and Mary Evelyn Bodenstein.
  • F
    • Falwell, daughter of Jonathan Pate and Shari x.
  • G
    • Goldfarb, daughter of Barry and Laura A. Gerston.
  • H
    • Hall 1909-1983, daughter of Harold Newman and Natalie Holmes, married to Frederick Winfred Hobbs in 1934.
    • Hart 1878-1960, daughter of Leopold and Hortense Cahan, married to Louis Isaacs in 1905.
    • Hershberger, with Paul J. Ronstadt.
    • Holmes 1885-1971, daughter of Robert Bloomer and Kate Rosaline Hale, married to Harold Newman Hall in 1908.
  • K
    • Knapp, daughter of Harry Walter and Sharon Shumway.
  • L
    • Lambert, married to Arthur Hornblow.
    • Langstroth, daughter of Steven Wayne and Liana Sartor.
  • M
    • Mathews, with Scott Richard Larger.
  • N
    • Nichols 1918-1953, daughter of Charles and Julie Helena Skelton, married to Ulysses John Tony Lupien.
    • Norton, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Norris, with Eugene Schmierle, William Dallett.
  • O
    • Oelrichs 1880-, daughter of Charles May and Blanche Pauline Emilie de Loosey.
  • P
    • Plaza, daughter of David I. and Bernadette M. Gordon.
    • Pont (du), daughter of Reynolds and Katharine Lewars, with Frank R. Lyon.
    • Potts, daughter of Bryan Paul and Krista Michelle Moon.
  • R
    • Reynolds 1907-1994, daughter of Alfred Isidor and Rose Jarvis, married to William C. Chadbourne in 1930.
    • Romney, daughter of Richard Wayne and Kathleen Adair.
    • Ryan ca 1910, daughter of Thomas Timothy and Emily Louise McManus.
  • S
    • Sefton, with Lewis Randolph Taylor.
    • Simon, daughter of Jack and Sylvia Nathanson, with Martin Cuban.
    • St. Martin ca 1817, daughter of Auguste and Francoise Ninette Peire, married to Judah Philip Benjamin in 1833.
    • Swigun 1909-1990, daughter of Philip and Helena Lasarewicz.
  • W
    • Weinstein-Bacal 1901-, daughter of Max Weinstein and Sophia Bacal, married to William Perske in 1922.
    • Wheelock, daughter of Phil and Luanna Sells.
    • Wood 1938-1981, daughter of X Zakharenko, married to Richard Gregson in 1969, Robert John Wagner in 1957.
  • x
    • x, married to David Comden.