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The Dowling Family Tree with a half million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over a thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!


  • Amyas 1430-1492, married to Elizabeth Sothill, Agnes de Lacy in 1458.
  • Ashley, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Percival, married to Anna Bishop in 1761.
  • Green 1603-1639, married to Ellen x in 1635.
  • Hall 1872-, son of Asaph and Angeline Stickney, married to Carolyn L. Clark in 1895.
  • Hall 1698-, son of Percival and Jane Willis.
  • Hall 1672-1752, son of John and Elizabeth Green, married to Jane Willis in 1696.
  • Hart ca 1496-1580, with Frideswide Bray.
  • Kershner 1887-, son of Oscar W. and Sophronia Aikens.
  • Kershner 1864..1865-, son of Leander and Martha Ann McDonald, with Hattie C. Noe.
  • sosa Leavitt 1580-1646, son of Percival and Elizabeth Rotherforth, with Margaret Linkley.
  • sosa Leavitt 1552-1625, son of William Levitt and Joan Ynglande, with Elizabeth Rotherforth.
  • Lowell 1855-1916, son of Augustus and Katherine Bigelow Lawrence, married to Constance Savage Keith in 1908.
  • Lowell 1639..1640-1706, son of Richard and Margaret x, with Mary Chandler.
  • Lowell 1570..1571-, son of Richard and Christian Percival, married to Rebecca x.
  • Martin, son of Charles and Lavina Hughson.
  • Matthewson 1813-, married to Ellen Maria Adams in 1866.
  • Schulberg 1892-1957 Percival Benjamin
  • Selby 1484-1559, married to Cicley Collingwood.
  • Willoughby, with Bridget Willoughby.