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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Phebe Ann


  • A
    • Angell 1813-, daughter of James William and Phebe Ann Morton
  • B
    • Baldwin 1827-1881, daughter of Eli and Esther Clark, married to Hannum Pierce in 1847
    • Beals 1831-1922, married to Jesse Franklin Baldwin in 1852
    • Brush ca 1816-1880/, daughter of John and Elizabeth Montross, with Patrick Dowling
  • C
    • Campbell 1824-1908, married to Michael Palmer in 1845
    • Childs 1850-1907, daughter of Isaac D. and Lodema Townsend, married to Rush Spencer Howard in 1866
  • D
    • Downer 1843-1843, daughter of John J. and Hannah Palmatier
    • Downer 1837-ca 1838, daughter of Ambrose C. and Catherine Nye
    • Dunbar 1825-1874, daughter of Robert and Phebe Peet, with Marvin Briggs
  • F
    • FitzRandolph 1821-1862, daughter of Jonah and Osea Ursula Manning, with Samuel Marsh Webster
  • G
    • Gardiner ca 1810-, daughter of David and Rachel Ladner Goldsmith, with Hiram Webster
    • Geddes 1853-1929, daughter of Samuel H. and Rosanna Eveland, married to James Riley in 1871
  • H
    • Hathaway 1845-1905, daughter of Michael and Almira Cannon, married to Thomas Winslow Sherman in 1871
    • Headley 1731-1764, daughter of Samuel and Mary Foster, married to Thomas Gardner
    • Holsapple 1849-1859, daughter of William Hendricks and Permelia Jane Cundiff
    • Howell 1824-1900, daughter of Elbert and Jemima Smith, with John Bates
  • K
    • Kerschner 1848-, daughter of William and Elizabeth Ellen Butt
  • L
    • LaRue 1813-1872, daughter of John Carman and Clara Hardin, married to Wiley Jackson O'Neal in 1834
    • Lane 1807-1880, daughter of Alexander and Abigail Mills, married to Asahel Culver
  • M
    • Merrill 1854-1926, daughter of Marriner Wood and Sarah Ann Atkinson, with James Reid McNeil
    • Morton 1786-1854, daughter of Abraham and Phebe Langford, married to James William Angell in 1808
    • Mott 1777-1867, married to William Deuel in 1794
  • S
    • Shank 1855-1903, daughter of Samuel and Mary Moyers, married to Alexander C. Stoutamyer in 1874
    • Speakman 1806-1846, married to Isaac Wayne Van Leer in 1827
  • T
    • Tripp 1878-, daughter of Adelbert Deforest and Fanny Saviah Alden, married to George Malcom Craw in 1899
    • Tripp 1829-, daughter of Ephraim Duell and Sally Mason, married to Richard Hilton in 1859, James Hadley
  • V
    • Vining 1824-, daughter of Benjamin