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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!



  • B
    • Baldwin ca 1850-, son of Lester Peleg and Sophronia S. Bayley
    • Brown 1804-1857, married to Sinah Dishman in 1829
    • Brown, son of Christopher Steven and Kristin Marie Schultz
  • C
    • Cowan 1803-1877, son of Stephen and Sarah Margaret Keith
    • Cox 1884-, son of Nathan Andrew and Catherine Victoria Bransford
    • Crean, son of Thomas Aaron Tom and Joani Marie Harbaugh
    • Crews 1849-1900, with Mary Cason
  • D
    • Dillon, son of Roy and Lillian Luvinia May
    • Dixon 1874-1949, son of Griffin and Elizabeth x, married to Rosetta Dowling in 1894
    • Dowling 1877-, son of Jabez Jackson and Sarah Hickox
  • H
    • Harkey 1832-1920, son of Israel Mathias and Catherine Furr, married to Caroline Barbara Harkey in 1860
    • Henry 1867-1906, married to Helen Louise Ferguson in 1890
  • J
    • Jeurgensen, son of David John and Nicole Leigh-Ann Ashbaugh
    • Johnson, with Sarah Lestina Waterman
  • K
  • L
    • Loomis 1839-, son of Alanson and Marilla Hinman
    • Loomis 1830-1863, son of James and Sarah Pelton
    • Loomis 1790-1866, son of Ham and Elizabeth Allen, married to Roxana Atwater in 1815
  • M
    • Macy 1819-1852, son of Reuben and Lucy Petty, with Amanda McCullough
    • Marshall 1797-1864, son of Thomas and Nancy Ann Oliver, married to Elizabeth Cravens in 1818
    • Merrell 1816-1863, son of Miles and Asenath Gowdy, married to Charlotte A. Hubbard in 1834
    • Merrill 1794-1878, son of Mead and Anna Hotchkiss, married to Anna Cravath in 1818
    • Mullins 1821-1908, son of Ambrose and Nancy Jane Wade, with Elizabeth Engle
  • P
    • Peet 1787-, son of Samuel W. and Lucy Bostwick, married to Sarah Turrill in 1812
  • S
    • Sabara, son of Daryl Christopher and Meghan Elizabeth Trainor
    • Saxton ca 1857-, son of John and Angeline x
    • Sells, son of David L. and Amy Lillian Roberts
  • T
    • Tiffany ca 1844-, son of Curtis and Diana Thair
    • Turner 1869-1962, son of William M. and Rebecca Love, married to Mollie Mangum in 1890
    • Tuttle 1787-1864, son of Aaron and Martha Wooding
  • W
    • Warren ca 1829-, son of Azariah and Elizabeth Fruits, married to Zilpha Jane Blue in 1852
    • West, son of Peter and Louise Tippens
    • Willison ca 1829-, son of John J. and Margarette Tatman
    • Wilson 1805-1847..1850, son of William and Nabby Brown, with Belinda Adams