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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Robert Eugene


  • A
    • Ailes 1907-1983, son of Melville Darwin and Sarah H. McMurray, married to Donna Marie Cunningham in 1936
    • Ashbaugh 1930-1947, son of Harry William and Magdelena Margaret Oye
  • B
    • Bankhead 1913, son of John Warren and Minnie Kirk, with Evaline James
    • Bosse 1915-2010, married to Ruth Wiladean Schoomaker
    • Brewer 1898-1946, son of Robert Brady and Harriet Ellen Martin, married to Loretta Pearl Hooker in 1917
    • Brown 1939-ca 2005, married to Diane M. Grondin in 1963
  • C
    • Carlson 1944, son of Carl E. and Clara Matilda Mathys, married to Barbara Jane Hultman
    • Cooper 1850-1946, son of Miles Wesley and Fannie Maria Scott
    • Crippen 1933-2010, son of John Gilbert and Gladys A. Krause, married to Joan Marie Morgan in 1956, Joyce Marlene Mount in 1985, Lillian A. Wheat in 2002
    • Crippen, son of Robert Eugene and Joan Marie Morgan, with Laureen R. Richards
  • D
    • Dunham, with Charlotte Minerd
  • G
    • Groenig 1930-2013, son of Daniel G. and Rachel Laura Jorgenson, married to Mary Elizabeth Horner in 1950
  • H
    • Hansard, son of Robert Eugene and Dianne Elaine Trafican, married to Marilyn Fuller in 1979
    • Hansard, son of Wesley John and Mary Ellen Morehead, with Dianne Elaine Trafican
    • Harrington 1937-1990, son of Michael Leo and Irene Ruth Sweeney, married to Joan Epping in 1957, Virginia Reaza in 1981
    • Hopkins 1917-1997, with Betty Lucille Barr
    • Hornsby 1923-1995, son of Robert Custon and Eunice E. Davenport
  • K
    • Kelly, with Rhea Dell Lamb
    • Koren, son of John Mathew and Anne Lillian Rudolph, with Shelley Ann Boege
  • L
    • Leavitt, son of Robert Eugene and Krestine Davis
    • Leavitt, son of Max A. and Shirley Delores Hansard, married to Krestine Davis in 1970, Susan Gummerus in 1978
    • Lee, with Joyce Ann Henderson
    • Lofgren, with Margaret Irene Verstynen
  • M
    • Markwood 1951-1968, son of Sam and Mary Leone Hill
    • Martin, with Marjorie Joan x
    • Meeks 1926-1998, son of Jonathan Josiah Jock and Nancy Helen Davis
    • Mueller 1921-2008, married to Patricia Jean x
  • P
    • Pope 1936-1938, son of Leonard Thomas and Gwendolyn Mattie Jordon
    • Prine, son of Clifford C. and Nora Ellen Stopher
  • R
    • Reno 1930-1978, son of Joseph F. and Ethal Mae Snyder, with Mary Louise Earls
    • Robins, with Hope L. Ashbaugh
    • Roy 1927-1929, son of Eugene Albert and Cecil Hildegarde Edwards
  • S
    • Sauerbrey 1936-2007, son of Henry Otto and Martha Caroline Amborn
    • Scantlen, son of Robert Eugene and Nancy Lee Purvis
    • Scantlen 1918-2000, married to Nancy Lee Purvis
    • Scott, son of Robert Llewellyn and Betty Madgwick
    • Snyder 1895-1977, son of Charles Finley and Orpha Ophellia Stearns, with Rose Handke, Anna Matilor Amundson in 1913
  • W
    • Warner 1945, married to Bertha Jeanie Williams
  • Z
    • Zandonatti 1946-2004, son of Silvio and Agnes Inez Leita