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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Samuel D.


  • A
    • Adams 1716-, son of John and Elizabeth x, married to Catherine Hardwick Ross in 1741
  • B
    • Ball 1847-1880, son of Wilford S. and Sabina Dawson, married to Lydia Buckler
    • Ball 1817-1867, son of Cornelius and Cornelia C. Condit, married to Christian Dickenson in 1855
    • Beeman 1760-/1790, son of John and Elizabeth Drinkwater
  • C
    • Carr ca 1865-, son of Thomas B. and Caroline N. x
    • Cress 1837-1901, married to Elizabeth E. Pafford in 1860
  • D
    • Dodge ca 1859-, son of Rufus B. and Ellen x, with Jeanette M. Groff
  • F
  • G
    • Gooden ca 1820-, with Mary Ann Lloyd
    • Gregory 1789-1835, son of Noah and Sarah Nash, married to Edna Caroline Grover
  • H
    • Hale 1916-1966, son of Ellis Roy and Bessie N. Barr, with Virginia Dare Upchurch
    • Hale 1868-1946, son of Luther and Catherine Stines, married to Athena Masters in 1890
    • Harlow 1857-1940..1950, son of Isaiah W. and Matilda Laodicea Poe, married to Ella Williams in 1886
    • Hawkins 1821-1901, son of Larkin Van Buren and Annie Magness, married to Mary S. McDonald in 1844
    • Hawkins 1768-, son of John and Sarah Emerson, with Betsey Miller
    • Hensley ca 1831-, son of Elijah and Mary Giddens, married to Marinda Ball in 1857
    • Howard 1843-1926, son of Robert George and Sarah Jane Dobbs, married to Martha A. Lanning in 1864
  • J
    • Jones 1880-1953, son of Frank and Sarah Spencer, married to Lou Ella Linebeck in 1899
  • M
    • Marshall †1854, son of Francis and Deborah Dean, married to Catherine Wibert in 1804
    • Myton ca 1818-, son of William and Nancy Oaks, with Rebecca Cunningham
  • O
    • O'Neal 1842-1933, son of Griffin and Katherine Barfield, married to Margaret Emily Crowley in 1869
  • P
    • Price †1838/, married to Hannah x
    • Pryor, married to Mary A. Coker
  • R
    • Rankin 1821-1860, married to Mary E. Gillespie
  • S
    • Satterly 1838-, son of Ephraim and Christiana Seely, with Ellen Smedley, Delilah Keyser
    • Seegert, son of Kim D. and Jeannine M. Schulgen
    • Sells 1828-ca 1863, son of Allen and Mary Baer, with Sarah J. Carr
    • Stidger 1830-1883, son of George and Mary Ann Baker, with Elizabeth M. x
    • Stokes, with Elma Elizabeth Stanley
    • Sturgeon 1780-1873, son of Henry and Jane x, married to Nancy Rowen in 1805
  • W
    • Walker 1879-1881, son of Joseph Debarron and Catherine Melinda Hensley
    • Whitney 1749-1822, son of John and Hephzibah Olmstead, married to Mary St. John in 1775
    • Williamson 1862-1949, son of Isaac and Mary x, married to Maggie French in 1890