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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Sarah Eliza


  • B
    • Barnabee 1844-1919, daughter of Stephen Banabee and Mariah Reid, with David Embley.
    • Bird ca 1731-, with John Burleson.
    • Bryant 1859-1859, daughter of David and Mary Fuller Pond.
    • Byrd 1870-1970, daughter of Jesse Blackstone and Eliza Jane Lewis, married to William Russell Strange in 1891.
  • C
    • Coddington 1811-1882, daughter of David and Jannetje Middaugh, married to Jesse Butler in 1831.
  • F
    • Fay 1827-1901, daughter of Joseph and Catherine Armstrong, married to Robert Sumner Page in 1843.
    • Fuller /1836-/1850, daughter of Sumner and Mary Hervey Greenleaf.
  • G
    • Glaspey 1858-1938, daughter of John Albert and Sarah Morley Butts, married to William Jesse Doty in 1876.
  • H
    • Harrison 1835-1870, married to Hiram Washington Joyner in 1854.
    • Headley 1851-1878, daughter of Enos and Sarah Delaney Woodruff, married to Samuel Beard Pickering in 1871.
    • Hill 1825-1912, married to Madison Cummins in 1846.
    • Hopkins 1839, married to John Auden in 1859.
  • I
    • Isham, married to John B. Clark.
  • L
    • Langford 1866-1954, daughter of Isaac Champlin and Amelia Wilemen Feathers, married to Robert Joseph Wells in 1889.
    • Lindo 1849-1905 Sarah Eliza Eliza Jane
  • M
    • Mansfield 1850-1946, daughter of James and Susannah Fees, married to George Washington Kindred in 1867.
    • Moon 1829-, daughter of Jefferson and Martha Phillips.
  • P
    • Peckham 1863-1940, daughter of Charles and Melinda Cummings.
  • R
    • Reddicliff 1839..1840-, with William Whaley.
    • Rice 1846-1916, daughter of Levi Cooke and Elizabeth Carle, married to Zelotes Grinnell Gordon in 1869.
    • Root 1817-1898, daughter of Oswell and Sarah Hull, married to Schuyler B. Coe in 1835.
  • S
    • Sanders 1860-, married to James Isaac Harbin in 1875.
    • Smith 1832-1921, daughter of Milo Whitney and Sarah Thurston Hall, married to William Webster Butterworth in 1856.
    • Stanley 1862-1952, daughter of David Sloane and Anna Maria Wright, with David Jacob Rumbough.
  • T
    • Torrey 1808-, daughter of Abner and Susanna Hobart.
    • Trowbridge 1838-1924, daughter of Pardon and Sarah Catharine Wood, married to Edwin Miller in 1857.
    • Truesdale 1786-1855, daughter of John and Mary Whitney, married to Jacob Reeder in 1804.
  • W
    • Williamson 1698-1756, married to Alexander Glenn.