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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Sarah Louise


  • B
    • Barrett 1834-1919, married to Daniel Emerson Brundage in 1851
    • Bean 1816-, daughter of David and Sarah Batchelder
    • Blomdahl, daughter of Jeffrey Don and Julie Kalinay
    • Bloss 1835-, daughter of James Orville and Eliza Ann Lockwood
    • Bonar 1784-1835, daughter of William and Jane McCulloch, married to Thomas Kirk in 1804
    • Braddick 1845-, daughter of Edward Eleazer and Nancy Kelley, with Seth Waite Beebe
    • Bridges 1839-1921, daughter of Henry Maryon and Sarah Louise Lowe, married to Daniel Augustus Hussey in 1861
    • Bright 1817-1876, daughter of Thomas and Jane Hunter, married to James Gooderham Worts in 1840
  • D
    • Davis 1808-1851, married to Richard Cary Morse in 1828
    • Doll, daughter of Ernest George and Sarah x, with Albert J. Barder
  • F
    • Fowler ca 1909, daughter of James Harmon and Ethel D. Leader, with Roy Chatters
  • G
    • Garrison 1844-1915, with Samuel Joseph Ansley
    • Gerard 1817-1893, with John Thomas Gibson
  • H
    • Heath 1964, daughter of Charles Richard and Sarah Ann Sheeran, married to Todd Mitchell Palin in 1988
  • K
    • Kennedy, daughter of Christopher George and Sheila Sinclair Berner
    • Kenyon 1844-, daughter of Thomas Armstrong and Rebecca R. Congdon, married to Benjamin Edward Roland Wells in 1864
  • L
    • Long 1902-1957, daughter of Swift Cory and Mattie M. Budington, with Phillip Warren Rowley
    • Lowe 1806-1864, married to Henry Maryon Bridges in 1825
  • M
    • McPherson 1905-1982, daughter of Clarence Newton and Hattie B. Treaster, with Robert Nelson Kerstetter, Bruce A. Kepner
    • Morgan 1835-1900/, married to Edmond Applegate in 1857
  • P
    • Plessis (du) 1864-1930, married to Charles Augustus Whelan in 1890
  • R
    • Renfrow 1846-1920, with John William Drake
    • Rice 1842-1912, daughter of Ira Albert and Aurilla Caldwell, with Levi Hulbert
    • Robards, daughter of Jason Nelson and Eleanor Pittman
  • S
    • Sanford 1863-1930, daughter of Henry D. and Harriet Ellen Wright, with Miles Hood Louer, X Steele
    • Smith 1854-1916, with Fendall Edmond Alexander
    • Soper 1891, daughter of John and Mary Ann x, married to Frederick Albert Baker in 1914
    • Swett 1846-1847, daughter of Joel Richards and Minerva Frances Bates
  • T
    • Taylor ca 1865-, daughter of Henry and Emily Still, with John Whiteman
    • Tomlinson 1913-2006, married to Harmon Austin Gardner in 1944
  • W
    • Wagstaff, with Henry Maunsell Schieffelin