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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Walter E.


  • A
    • Avery 1917-2001, son of Harry Jay and Agnes Susan Andres
  • B
    • Bates ca 1862-, son of Lewis Richmond and Mary Lovicca Pitcher, married to Eva H. Clark in 1882
    • Brumley 1905-1977, son of John E. and Evalena Myrtle Fiddler, with Minnie G. Beam
  • C
    • Clawitter, son of Arthur Elmore and Lorraine Farris
    • Coleman 1889-1948, son of William Cullen and Melissa Ann Sullivan
  • D
    • Dodd 1887-1957, son of Frederick and Julia Mowry, married to Ethel Viola Cool in 1911
    • Dodge ca 1894-, son of Elmer Elsworth and Mary Catherine Hartman
    • Drewery 1884-1948, with Marie Luella Seymour
  • E
    • Eastabrook 1872-, son of James M. Easterbrook and Caroline Foster Truman
  • G
    • Glaser 1888-1953, son of Harmon J. and Amelia Marie Hamman, married to Addie Mae Haney in 1910
  • H
    • Hall 1888-, son of John O. and Anna Ashley Tait
    • Harlow 1875-, son of William Henry and Mary Jane Briggs, married to Maryville Ann Ellery in 1898
    • Hazen, son of Leo Willard Blair and Doris Louise Barnett
    • Hodges 1872-1925, son of Nathan Jesse and Sarah Frances Graham, with Hattie L. Kessler
    • Huenefeld, married to Alma Broker
  • K
    • Keck ca 1902-1960, son of John Edward and Barbara Koch, with Lillian Dolly Breitenbuecher
  • N
    • Nelson, with Patricia Ann Gage
    • Nichols 1911, son of Elmer L. and Mable C. x
  • P
    • Perry 1870-1934, son of George Elmer and Mary E. Perry
  • R
    • Reid 1887-, son of Walter E. and Ella Leora Mizner
    • Reid 1853-1920/, son of John and Antoinette MacLean, married to Ella Leora Mizner in 1890, Abbie J. Wrisley in 1902
  • S
    • Sachs 1885-, son of Samuel and Louise Goldman
    • Sells 1897-1924, son of Walter Lugary and Kellie P. McDonald
    • Sheldon 1895-, son of William Louis and Lizzie Etta Wells, with Nancy Valentine, Blanche Johnson
    • Simms 1904, son of Isaac Hall and Mary Ellen Ella Petty, married to Eva x
  • W
    • Wentworth 1898-, son of Walter E. and Johanna L. Jackson, with Muriel B. x
    • Wentworth 1875-, son of John F. and Ida A. Norwood, married to Johanna L. Jackson in 1897
    • Westerman 1907..1908-1932, son of Harold Orlando and Perna G. Ashbaugh
  • Z
    • Zwiebel 1916-1980, son of Johann Heinrich and Mary Ann Klopfenstein, married to Anna M. Stonehill in 1944