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The Dowling Family Tree with a half million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over a thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 William Arthur


  • A
    • Allen 1908, son of Charles Levi and Frances Manning.
  • B
    • Baber 1817, son of William Murray and Mary Polly Burge, married to Rachel Goode in 1835.
    • Blandford 1740-1802, son of Charles and Rebecca x, married to Joannah Pidgeon in 1770.
    • Boykin, son of Robert Lee and Ida Alice Gregory.
  • C
    • Cass 1880-, son of William and Viola Paine Shumway.
    • Clarke, with Gwendolyn Estell Maguire.
    • Colleran 1923-2000 William Arthur Bill
    • Cook 1790..1794-1840, married to Catherine Stewart Brown in 1818.
    • Cooper 1893-1977, with Carrie Tiffany.
  • D
    • Dulon 1910-1990, son of James H. and Dora Manile.
  • F
    • Farnsworth, son of Junius Franklin and Harriet Elizabeth Slade.
    • Forsyth 1886-1974, son of Demarcus Lafayette and Louisa Lou Campbell, married to Linomia Smith in 1905.
  • H
    • Hahn 1877-, son of Elias E. and Joanna L. x, married to Flora Bell Frey in 1901.
    • Ham 1774, with Susannah Brown.
    • Hamill 1836-1904, married to Priscilla Leedom McKee in 1859.
  • L
    • Lewis, with Hattie Frances Morrison.
    • Lines 1879-1955, married to Sarah Evaline Anderson in 1902.
    • Lyons 1936, married to Denise Elizabeth Brown in 1964.
  • M
    • McLean 1905-1995, son of Charles Finis and Mary Gertrude Cobb.
    • Merrick 1866-1870, son of Joseph Rockley and Mary Jane Potterton.
    • Monroe ca 1755-1830, son of George and Ann Osborne, with Mary Jones.
    • Morris 1886-1929, son of Daniel and Elizabeth Rixon, married to Julia Mary Ward.
    • Mount 1866-1930, son of William George and Marianne Emily Clutterbuck, married to Hilda Lucy Adelaide in 1899.
  • P
    • Pierce ca 1774-1834, married to Mary Ann Marbrey in 1826.
    • Purcell 1674-1745, son of Arthur and Mary Joyner.
  • R
    • Ritchay 1922-1989, son of Raymond Joseph and Elizabeth Lucille Welch, married to Ellen E. Gordon.
    • Roberts 1881-, married to Lucy Jepson in 1934.
    • Rooney 1896-, with Helen Mahoney.
    • Rosecrants 1926-2001, son of Myron Wallace and Marie Wainwright Culver, with Harriet Josephine Heuser.
  • S
    • Skinner 1875-1950, son of James S. and Eliza Josephine Penn, married to Grace Madge Burrhus in 1902.
    • Steinbach 1888-1975, with Helen Amelia Seymour.
    • Stills 1915-1986, son of James William and Cora C. Faunce, married to Talitha Quintilla Collard.
    • Stone, with Amanda F. Rathbun.
    • Stowe 1856-, son of Asahel Chester and Henrietta Roberts.
  • W
    • Watson, with Sarah Charlotte Hargreaves.
    • Woolsey 1908-1908, son of William Arthur and Permelia Lovina Ransom.
    • Woolsey 1879-1954, son of Joseph Smith and Mary Larsen, married to Permelia Lovina Ransom in 1901.
    • Wrigglesworth, with Emma Louise Boomer.