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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 William Edgar


  • A
    • Ashbaugh 1859-1930, son of William H. and Martha L. Dyer
  • B
    • Baldwin 1878-1957, son of William G. and Sarah S. Tiffey, married to Grace Beaman in 1899
    • Baldwin 1861-1914, son of Silas and Sarah Martha Sargeant, married to Mary Jemima Weir in 1886
    • Beatty 1921-1993, son of Paul Edgar and Margaret Ellen Nulph, married to Ruth Elizabeth Johnson in 1941
    • Borah 1865-1940, son of William Nathan and Eliza West, married to Mary McConnell in 1895, Alice Lee Roosevelt
    • Bowers 1924-2000, son of William Edgar and Grace Lydia Anderson
    • Bowers 1892-1953, married to Grace Lydia Anderson in 1922
    • Bryson 1858-1929, son of James Silas and Clarinda G. Young, married to Henrietta Bryson in 1881
    • Buchanan 1946-2005 William Edgar Buck
    • Buchanan 1903-1979, son of William Edgar and Johnny Rosella Kee, married to Mildred Marguerite Spence in 1928
    • Buchanan 1871-1964, son of Brementus Louis and Nancy Catherine Gaunt, married to Laura A. Freeze in 1894, Johnny Rosella Kee in 1901
  • C
    • Cones 1839-1913, married to Mary Matilda Page in 1861
  • G
    • Grippin 1876-1952, married to Innies Emma Alice Guy in 1899
  • H
    • Hazen ca 1887-ca 1888, son of William Edgar and Maggie Edward Harper
    • Hazen 1858-1887, son of Munson and Amanda Williams, with Maggie Edward Harper
    • Hipp 1857-1938, son of Nathaniel Mortamore and Levine Emiline Hartin, married to Martha Duanna Anderson in 1884
    • Hotchkiss 1899-, son of William Edgar and Elizabeth Garth Bankhead, married to Mary Beard in 1921
    • Hotchkiss 1855-1932, son of Edgar F. and Caroline France Enos, married to Elizabeth Garth Bankhead in 1886
    • Hotchkiss, son of David Stuart and Martha Maddox Smith, with Jean Hinson
  • I
    • Irwin 1918, son of John N. and Helen M. Huntington
  • K
    • Keeler 1820-1836, son of Benjamin and Sarah Slessor
  • L
    • Leonard ca 1856-, son of William Huntington and Jane Augusta Preston, with Marian L. Marshall
  • N
    • Nichols 1877-1951, son of Charles Davis and Matilda Starcher, married to Sarah Elizabeth Whytsell in 1907
  • P
    • Prince 1816-1892, son of Thomas Job and Caroline Prince, married to Maria Louisa Salter
  • S
    • Seamans, son of Adrian Edgar and Ethel P. Hustad, with Jean Elizabeth Ess
    • Segar 1858-1937, son of William and Sarah Hayes, married to Anna L. McGordy in 1890
    • Sells 1934-2008, son of Lonea Elbert and Bennie Chowning, with Betty Jean White
    • Smith 1859-1933, son of Benjamin Franklin and Mary Medora Tanner, with Elizabeth Niles
    • Speiden ca 1904-, son of Henry and Harriet Utterback
    • Stabler 1894-1942, son of Benjamon Elexander and Martha Ellen Harris, married to Marie Williamson
  • T
    • Tharp 1870-1959, son of Charles and Hannah Ballance, with Bertha Louise Newton
    • Trowbridge 1898-1959, son of Harry Orrin and Lillie May Fulk, married to Una E. Persing in 1919
    • Tunnell 1883-, son of James Estill and Laura Jane Smith, with Ida Bell Todd