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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. We are all related! Dowling Geneastars | Facebook

L'arbre généalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 William Lee


  • A
    • Allison 1796-1852, married to Catherine x
  • B
    • Blacketter 1897-1987, married to Harriett M. Bradshaw in 1918
    • Boak, with Rachel Elisabeth Siebert
    • Bridges 1829-1890, son of Thomas William and Elizabeth Jackson, married to Pauline Ann Travis in 1850
  • C
    • Chapman 1810-1853, son of Benjamin and Catherine Wall, married to Mary Ann Ligon in 1832
    • Culver 1846-1860, son of James and Keziah Lee
    • Cunningham, son of William Lee and Kathryn Barr, with Sherry x
    • Cunningham, married to Kathryn Barr in 1950
  • D
    • Davidson 1811-1890, married to Mary Ann Davis in 1838
    • Davidson 1746-1781, son of George and Catharine Penelope Reese, married to Mary Elizabeth Brevard in 1767
    • Dowling, son of Maurice Hume and Mary Elizabeth Mason, with Karen Arseneau
  • F
    • Fausett 1916-2009, son of Homer Hamner and Mary Elizabeth Rosson, married to Doris Tipton
  • H
    • Haley 1897-, son of William Alfred and Florence Nancy Boughton
    • Hayhurst 1868-1946, son of William Joseph and Christina Virginia Fetty
    • Heiman, son of Leander Francis and Bernadine Mary Anna Meyers
    • Holmes 1936-1993, son of Marion Floyd and Alice Eleanor Ryan
  • J
    • Judefind 1896-, son of William Burchnell and Mary T. x, with Ruth Elinor Schafer
  • L
    • Langford 1866-1922, son of William and Nancy Newcomb
  • M
    • Maroney, son of Billy Lee and Nancy Ruth Ackerson
    • Marr 1911, son of Frank F. and Emily Carr Bell, with Thelma Robinson
    • Moore 1818-ca 1903, married to Mary Berry Everett in 1838
    • Moss, son of William Byrd and Marion Theresa Eppes, married to Betty Anne Reiver in 1950
  • N
    • Nix 1876-1932, son of William and Martha Ann Green, married to Mary Ida Catherine Stoner in 1900
    • Norris, with Margerite Abreu
  • P
    • Pearman 1760-1817, married to Isabel Weakley
    • Perkins 1737-, married to Elizabeth Wentworth in 1774
  • Q
    • Quick 1911-1977, son of William Logan and Rosalie Seibert, married to Gladys Cleo Masterson in 1934
  • R
    • Robinson 1895-1953, son of William Jacob and Julia Alabama Titsworth
    • Rose 1863-1936, married to Maude Irene Thompson in 1894
  • S
    • Shade, with Faith Elaine Jones
    • Stanley 1854-, son of Thomas G. and Lucy Ann Brock, with Mary L. x
  • T
    • Troutman ca 1846-, son of Michael and Sophia Hoagland
  • W
    • Walker 1805-1860, married to Mahala Blassingame in 1836
  • Y
    • Young 1859-1944, son of Leander and Mary Zeck, married to Nancy Williams in 1884