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Ludwick Sells
Ludwick Sells
Sosa :162
  • Born between 1747 and 1751 - Prince George's Co., MD
  • Deceased 13 October 1823 - Dublin, Washington Twp., Franklin Co., OH
  • Buried - Odd Fellows Cem., Dublin, Franklin Co., OH
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Linked to: Timothy Michael Dowling, 5th Great Grandfather
Name Alias: Ludwig Sell
Coroner, Huntingdon Co., PA, 28 Oct 1788, page 695, Vol III, Pennsylvania Archives
Signed letter to the Honourable House of Assembly in Philadelphia on 20 Feb 1779 concerning Inhabitants on the Juniata, pages 241-242, Papers Relating to the War of the Revolution, Vol XII, Pennsylvania Archives
Souvenir Historical Book
Issued in connection with the Sesqui-Centennial Celebration of Huntingdon County Pennsylvania
By the Huntingdon County Historical Society 1787 ? 1937

Page 14:

When David McMurtrie came to Huntingdon in 1776-77 one of the few houses was a Tarvern kept by Mr. Ludwig Sills. The first settlers in Huntingdon were Benjamin Elliott, father-in-law of David McMurtrie, Abraham Haynes, Frank Cluggage, Mr. Ashbrough and Ludwig Sills.

Page 20-21:

List of House-holders 1796

Sells, John, hatter, 413-415 Penn.
Sells, Ludwig
Sells, Samuel

Page 24:

The same names appear on the assessment for 1797, except Jonathan Cutlip, removed; (widow Eshelman), Linkswiler, Lewis Metz, Adam Smith and Dennis McAvoy, but with the addition of Alexander King, 229-231Mifflin.

From the date of the first settlement until 1771, the territory formed a part of Cumberland County. On the 9th of March of that year it became a part of Bedford County, and on the 20th day of September, 1787, the event which this book celebrates, it was erected into Huntingdon County. The town of Huntingdon was named in the act to become the seat of justice and the courts to be held at the house of Ludwig Sell, until a Court House could be built.
History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania
By J. Simpson Africa

Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts 1883 Press of J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia

Franklin Township, Early Settlers and Old Surveys

Page 441: Huntingdon in the Olden Time.

1782 assessment Huntingdon Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, owners of lots and taxable livestock.

Houses Lots Horses Cattle Sheep
Solomon Sills 1 1 0 0 0
Ludwick Sills 2 4 2 4 5
Anthony Sills 1 2 1 1 5
Henry Ashbough 1 2 1 2 0
John Ashbough 1 1 2 2 0

Page 441 ? 442: 1788 assessment, signed by Ludwick Sells, assessor et al.

Sells, Anthony, 1 cow, 1 house, 2 lots
Sells, Ludwick, 300 st., 1 horse, 5 cows, 1 negro, 2 houses, 4 lots

Page 442:

Statement of the account between William Smith, D. D., and those persons who have engaged the payment of the taxes that should be yearly assessed on on the thousand acres of out-lots, as per general lease of Sept. 30 A.D. 1783, and others that have signed since, and for the year 1788.

Original Owner Acres Present Owner
Ludwick Sell 5 Ludwick Sell
Anthony Sell 7.5 Anthony Sell 3 [3/4] acres
Alexander Erwin, 3 [3/4] acres
Abraham Sell 4 Patrick McSherry
Ludwick Sell 2.5 Ludwick Sell
Estate of Jacob Hall 6 Ludwick Sell
Charles Bruderline 5 Ludwick Sell. 3 acres
John Dean 2 acres

Early Buildings, etc.

The first courts were held at the house of Ludwick Sell, located on the south end of lot 7 in the plan of the town.

Page 444: Allegheny Street, North Side

Ludwick Sells kept a tavern at Nos. 218 and 220. The property was afterwards owned by Abraham Haines

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                                                   _____|8_sosa Jacob Sellen ca 1640-1666/
                         _____|4_sosa Hendrick Sellen 1660..1665-ca 1749
                        /                        \
                       /                          ¯¯¯¯¯|9_sosa ? ?
|2_sosa Anthony Sells ca 1712-1792
|                      \
|                       ¯¯¯¯¯|5_sosa Margaret x ca 1685-1749/
|--1_sosa Ludwick Sells 1747..1751-1823
|3_sosa Catherine Yoder Schneider ca 1723-1792/