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The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, contains thousands of pictures and over four thousand GeneaStars. We are all related!

Le Dowling arbre généalogique avec les parents d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un millier GeneaStars. Nous sommes tous liés!

 Joseph Washington

  • Bronson 1895-1961, son of Richard Wesley and Sarah Curtis, married to Mayme Ellen Harding in 1923.
  • Bryant 1954, son of Joseph Washington and Georgia Marie x, married to Pamela Cox in 1975.
  • Bryant, son of Joseph and Georgia Bentley, married to Georgia Marie x.
  • Burkett, son of Joseph Washington and Lara Logan.
  • Burkett, son of Joseph Washington and Phyllis Ann Keidel, married to Lara Logan in 2008.
  • Burkett 1944, son of Joseph Washington and Pearl Wilhelmina Schwethelm, married to Phyllis Ann Keidel in 1966, Sharon Ann Rau in 1971, Lydia E. Griffin in 1983, Susan C. Rutledge in 1987.
  • Burkett 1912-2001, son of Joseph Washington and Fanny Newell Pullig, married to Pearl Wilhelmina Schwethelm.
  • Burkett 1885-1962, son of James Henry and Samantha Victoria McAdams, married to Fanny Newell Pullig in 1907.
  • Dodd 1817-1896, son of Joseph and Jane Wilcox, married to Amelia Million in 1839.
  • Farris 1830-, son of Wilford and Alpha Buckley.
  • Washburn 1765-1829, son of Nathaniel and Christina Shaffer, married to Eleanor Edgington in 1798.
  • Williams 1780-1840, son of Joseph and Rebekah Molly Lanier, father of Mary.