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Les ancêtres, collatéraux et alliés de Claude Chenu et François Besset

 Marie Marguerite Denise

  • BOUCHER 1775-1823, daughter of Claude and Denise MORNON, married to Jean Georges COPINET in 1796, François LEGER
  • BUSIGNY 1789-1872, daughter of Jean François and Marie Margueriite DUCLERE, married to Francois Casimir MOUSSART in 1816
  • CORDIER †1815, daughter of Louis and Marie Therese AMBROISE, with Nicolas Barthelemy CANAPLE
  • FREMIN 1757-1816, daughter of Denis and Marie Marguerite GALISSANT, married to Pîerre COCHARD in 1781
  • GALLET 1758-1842, daughter of Jacques Denis and Marie Marguerite LIEBE, married to Nicolas Jacques BONNET in 1784, Charles GASTELIER in 1816, Jean Louis MOITY in 1822
  • MAQUIN ca 1796-, with Pierre Vincent GOULAS
  • MARGUIENNE 1786-1840/, daughter of Antoine François and Marie Marguerite Elisabeth VERNEAU, married to Jean Francois CORNEVIN in 1815
  • QUICRAY 1737-1789, daughter of Jean Charles and Marie Marguerite RICHÉ, married to Pierre ROUSSEAU in 1757
  • RAGUIN 1822-1854, married to Louis Cyprien LEVASSEUR in 1844
  • ROCHERAND 1809-, daughter of Hubert and Marie Anne PETIOT
  • THIESSARD 1743-1822, daughter of Jean and Denise CARBONNIER, married to Jean Adrien VARLIN in 1764