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  • Born 24 July 1968 - Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
  • Age: 52 years old
  • Baptized 25 August 1968 - St. John Bosco, Port Colborne by Fr. Anthony Inneo
  • CIBC VISA, Clerk/Processor






Individual Note

Religion: Roman Catholic


  • Individual: My Second Oldest Sister
    99% of the information here for the direct decendents was possible from research of public records from the Italian site (name to follow) which my sister painstakingly poured through peicing the found public records available, and connecting all the DNA dots, so to speak. It was very exciting and interesting to share in her findings of things we'd not known before and Surnames of family relations that were new to our knowledge.I populated that into the tree builder to create a picture of the past to me of those that came before me.   The further lines and connections made, via other site managers who I was able to connect to, gives a wider picture of the past and more detailed view of less direct relations of past times and places.

  Photos and archival records

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 Family Tree Preview

Raffaele Belvedere 1887-1975 Maria Iorio 1889-1968 Rosario Luciani 1901-1933 Maria Domenica D'Onofrio 1900-1987

Carmine Belvedere 1927-2018 Clementina Luciani 1926-2010

John Belvedere 1968