Sosa : 369,106,705
  • Born in 1134 - North Riding,Yorkshire,England
  • Deceased in 1204 , age at death: 70 years old


 Spouses and children



On 's side Adelize de Clare 1115-


Individual Note

Agnes de Percy, sister and co-heir, became sole inheritor of the linewhich for five generations had lorded it over the North Riding ofYorkshire. Last of the original family planted in Yorkshire by William,called Algernons, she passed on the great name and heritange to the sonswhom she had borne to husband Josceline de Louvain. With her burial atWhitby Abbey began the story of the second and more splendid dynasty ofPercy.

While the Lady Agnes de Percy, eventual heiress of her race, was in her16th year and as yet unwedded it occurred to the shrewd Queen Adeliza,2nd wife of King Henry I, that no fitter match than this could be foundfor her own half-brother Josceline de Louvain. Accordingly she hastilysummoned young Josceline from Brabant, and established him at court,where Agnes de Percy was a maid of honour.[91502.ftw]
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Family Note

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 Family Tree Preview

William de Percy, 3rd Baron Percy /1093-   Alice de Ros /1095-   Richard Fitzgilbert de Clare 1084-1136   Alice de Meschines ca 1088-
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William de Percy, 4th Baron Percy 1112-1168   Adelize de Clare 1115-
| |

Agnes de Percy 1134-1204

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