Sosa : 1,441,821
  • Born about 1300 - Stranith,Dumfrieshire,Scotland
  • Deceased after 1367


 Spouses and children



On 's side Isobel Stewart ca 1282-1351


Individual Note

Black Agnes Randolph (Countess of Dunbar)
c.1300 - ?

Famed for her bravery in resisting the English siege of Dunbar Castle.Daughter of Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray (d. 1332), and wife ofPatrick, Earl of Dunbar and March, she was known as Black Agnes becauseof her dark hair. When the Earl of Salisbury gave siege to Dunbar Castlefor six months in 1338, in the absence of her husband, Agnes took charge.In response to a request to surrender, she is said to have said:

'Of Scotland's King I haud my house,
He pays me meat and fee,
And I will keep my gude auld house,
While my house will keep me.'
She resisted the battering rams and provocatively dusted off the parapetswith a handkerchief where English cannon balls had caused damage. Evenwhen her brother, who had been captured by the English, was broughtbefore the walls, she retorted that, if her attackers killed him, thatwould simply mean she became Earl of Moray!

Black Agnes Randolph
Two generations of heroic Scotswomen supported and suffered in the Brucecause, nearly all of them as nameless as their sons and husbands who didlikewise. They could all take heart from the example of Black AgnesRandolph, Countess of Dunbar. Mistress of the strategic Dunbar Castle,controlling the coastal route to Edinburgh, she took charge in 1337 whenthe Earl of Salisbury besieged it.
The English had a battering ram, 'the Sow', covered by a wooden roof.Agnes had a large stone dropped through the roof, scattering the menbeneath. When her brother, in English custody, was brought in front ofthe castle and threatened with death, she scorned them, saying if hedied, she would be the Earl of Moray.
On June 10, 1338, the English gave up and raised the seige.

David Ross, Scotland: History of a Nation, pg. 101(Edinburgh, 2000)
picture from The Book of History, Vol. IX pg. 3919 (London, 1914)
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Family Note

1 REFN M2889

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Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray ca 1250-1332   Isbella Bruce 1267-   John Stewart, Lord of Bonkyl ca 1245-1298   Margaret de Bonkyl ca 1249-
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Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray 1286-1332   Isobel Stewart ca 1282-1351
| |

Agnes Randolph ca 1300-1367/

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