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  • Born in 1214 - Seton,East Lothian,Scotland
  • Deceased


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Individual Note

Christell succeeded his father Adam, and married Maud, daughter ofIngelram Percy, Lord Topcliff in Yorkshire. He was a very pious man,'more given to devotion than to worldliness,' says Maitland; and anotherfamily chronicler tells us that he was a man who loved neither strife norwrong, but rather to read and to pray. He was a considerable benefactorof the Church, particularly out of the estates in England, which headministered during his father's lifetime. His brother settled also inthat part of England in which many Scoto-Normans (originallyAnglo-Normans) were large landowners, and is described as 'Sir John Setonof Seton, in Yorkshire.' Dugdale mentions in those northeastern parts ofEngland an Ivo de Seton and a 'Capella de Seton,' and the villa etterritorium de Seton. Camden (Britannia) names Seton, in Northumberland,as part of the barony of De-la-Vall in the thirteenth century; and 'SetonDelavell,' as also 'Monk-Seton,' is plainly marked in the superbcollection of maps in the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum of William and JohnBlaeu, published at Amsterdam in 1648. These names of places are nowmostly written Seaton, but it was not so formerly; and the old feudalbarons Delaval--'of the Vale'--were originally Setons-Delaval and anearly offshoot of our ancient family. It was probably from one ofChrystell de Seton's donations that Pope Innocent IV. confirmed (as inDugdale's Monasticon) at Lyons, in 1245, to the Prior of the Monastery ofSaint James of Wartry Grangiam de Seton cum terris, pratis, pascuis,nemoribus, piscariis, et omnibus pertinentiis suis. He died in old age,before 1270:

'The knight's bones are dust,
And his good sword rust;
His soul is with the Saints, I trust.'

Sources: 'The History of the House of Seytoun to the Year MDLIX', SirRichard Maitland of Lethington, Knight, with the Continuation, byAlexander Viscount Kingston, to MDCLXXXVII. Printed at Glasgow,MDCCCXXIX.

'A History of the Family of Seton during Eight Centuries' George Seton,Advocate, M.A. Oxon., etc. Two vols. Edinburgh, 1896'An Old Family'Monsignor Seton, Call Number: R929.2 S495
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Family Note

Marriage with Maud de Percy:

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Alexander de Seton 1142-1211   Margaret de Barclay ca 1172-   Hugh Giffard, Laird of Yester 1162-   ? ?
| | | |

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Adam de Seton, Baron Seton 1190-1249   Janet Giffard 1192-
| |

Christell Seton 1214-

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