Sosa : 23,077,199
  • Born about 1275 - Ireland
  • Deceased 26 October 1327 - Cullen Castle,Banffshire,Scotland , age at death: possibly 52 years old


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Individual Note

Elizabeth de Burgh was the daughter of Richard de Burgh the powerful Earlof Ulster a close friend of Edward I king of England. There is littleinformation to say when Elizabeth first met the young Robert Bruce Earlof Carrick, but it is likely that they may have met at the English court,both being frequent visitors, in the days of peace with England, whenAlexander III was King of Scots.

With the death of Alexander, who died without heir. Edward set his sightson control of Scotland, the new King of Scots was chosen as JohnBalliol. After the battle of Dunbar where Balliol and the Scots army
were defeated by Edward, many of the Scottish nobles were captured andBalliol was stripped of his Kingship and sent into exile in France.Meanwhile the resistance in Scotland continued with Sir William Wallaceand Sir Andrew Moray

With the capture and execution of Wallace, Bruce decided to make a standagainst Edward. Robert the Bruce was crowned Robert I King of Scots atScone on the 27 March 1306. After the coronation Elizabeth and her courtwere sent to the safety of Kildrummy castle under the protection of NigelBruce. The newly crowned King Robert I headed for Perth, held by theEnglish Earl of Pembroke. Upon reaching the castle, Bruce rode up to thewalls and challenged Pembroke to come out and fight or surrender thetown. Pembroke replied that the day was too far gone for combat but onthe following morning he would accept his challenge.

The English attacked the Scots camp in the night. During the attack Brucemade for Pembroke and slew his horse. Being outnumbered two to one Bruceand his men had no choice other than to fight their way to the safety ofthe hills. It was a shattering defeat, the Scots army had all but beendestroyed. At Kildrummy castle the situation was just as grave for theQueen and her Royal party. An English force had arrived and attacked thecastle, one of the strongest in Scotland and capable of withstanding along siege. The English were almost on the point of
abandoning the attack, when they managed to bribed the castle'sblacksmith, who set fire to the corn store which quickly spread until themain gate was burned. Though the defenders held out for a night and aday they finally surrendered, and the Queen and those with here werecaptured. The blacksmith received his reward, of all the gold he couldcarry. The English fulfilled their bargain by pouring it molten down his

'.......all wives of his enemies were to be treated as outlaws, any man,as he might wish, could rob, rape or murder them immune from punishment'
Edward King of England, the so called'hammer' of the Scots

The captured Royal party included Queen Elizabeth, and the Countess ofBuchan, Bruce's daughter Marjorie, and his two sisters, Mary andChristina. Nigel Bruce and all the other men taken with him were draggedthrough the streets of Berwick, hung and then beheaded. The Countess ofBuchan and Mary Bruce were shut up in wooden cages erected on the wallsof Berwick and Roxburgh castles, exposed to the gaze of passers by andtreated as if they were animals in a zoo. Bruce's 12 year old daughterMarjorie was sent to a nunnery.

Elizabeth represented perhaps Edward's greatest chance for revengeagainst Bruce, though one thing was in her favour, her father. The Earlof Ulster would have made an unwelcome enemy for Edward, Elizabeth wasplaced under house arrest in England. Eight years later in 1314, Robertthe Bruce defeated Edward's son, Edward II at Bannockburn, the Scotscaptured over 100 English knights and Barons. These were exchanged forQueen Elizabeth and fifteen other Scottish captives held in England. MaryBruce had been released in 1312, the Countess of Buchan appears to havedied in captivity.

In 1316 Bruce's pregnant daughter Marjorie was thrown from her horse andkilled, the surgeons were immediately sent for and delivered the boy, whofifty four years later would become Robert II the first of the RoyalStewart line. On the 15th of March 1324, Queen Elizabeth gave birth toDavid, the future King. Little more is known of this Queen described inher day as a great beauty, who had risked everything for her love forRobert the Bruce, yet throughout her years of captivity and separationmaintained the dignity of the Queen of Scots. Queen Elizabeth Bruce diedon the 26th of October 1327. she was to be followed by the King himselfwho died eight months later.
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Walter de Burgh, Earl of Ulster ca 1235-1271   Avelina FitzJohn ca 1240-1274    
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Richard de Burgh, 3rd Earl of Ulster ca 1259-1326   Margaret de Gynes ca 1260-1304
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Elizabeth de Burgh ca 1275-1327

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