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  • Born - Scotland
  • Deceased in 1387


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Individual Note

EUPHEMIA ROSS, the 2nd wife and only queen of Robert II, was the daughterof Hugh de Ross, 4th Earl of Ross. She was probably born between about1325 and 1330, but this is very uncertain. Her mother was the earl's 2ndwife, Margaret, daughter of Sir David Graham of Montrose. Euphemia'sparents were granted a dispensation to marry, and a legitimation of pastand future children born to them, 29 November 1329.

She had married 1stly, John Randolph, 3rd Earl of Moray, who was killedat the disastrous battle of Neville's Cross, 17 October 1346, leaving hera childless and vulnerable widow of, at the most, 21 years of age, andprobably rather younger.

She married 2ndly (dispensation granted by Pope Innocent VI at Avignon, 2May 1355), as his 2nd wife, Robert Stewart, Earl of Strathearn, whosucceeded to the throne as Robert II, 22 February 1371. She gave him 2sons and 2 daughters. See: Genealogical Notes page. She was crowned atScone by Alexander de Kyninmund II, bishop of Aberdeen, in 1372.

She died in 1387, predeceasing her husband by about 3 years, but theexact date and the place of her death and burial seem to have goneunrecorded. She must have been a very good-natured and long-sufferinglady, putting up with the numerous and flagrant infidelities of her royalhusband. Her personal charm and beauty may be inferred from the fact thatboth her daughters possessed those qualities in a marked degree.
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Hugh Ross, Earl of Ross   Margaret Graham
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Euphemia Leslie Ross †1387

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