• Deceased in 1246


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Eve/Eva (d1246) married William de Braose (Briouze), son of Reginald deBraose, before 1219. They had four daughters, and William de Braose washanged by Llywelyn ap Iorwerth in 1230. The stated reason for the hangingwas the accusation that William had dallied with Llywelyn�s wife Joan,bastard of King John. This does not withstand close scrutiny, and Williamwas in all probability hung for the crimes of his grandfather, William deBraose lord of Bramber and Abergavenny, against the Welsh.

Eve�s and de Braose�s daughters were: Maud/Matilda (d1301) who marriedRoger de Mortimer of Wigmore; Isabel (d?) who married (1229) David(d1246), son of Llywelyn ap Iorwerth; Eve (d1255) who married William deCantelou; and Eleanor (d c 1250) who married Humphrey de Bohun earl ofHereford. It is worth noting that Eve�s daughter, Isabel, was married tothe son of the man who had hung her father. Her fate is not known exceptfor the fact that she and David had no children. There are records ofletters between Isabel�s uncle William, her mother Eve, and Llywelynabout her marriage contract to David after her father�s death. Given thetime period and known practices, it must be assumed that Isabel�s uncle,William, decided that the marriage was necessary for the good of the�feudal� family.
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John Fitzgilbert Marshall, Marshall 1105-ca 1165   Sybil de Salisbury 1120-   Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke ca 1130-1176   Eva Mac Murrough, Princess ca 1140-1177
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William Marshall, Earl 1146-1219   Isabel de Clare, Countess 1173-1220
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Eve Marshall †1246

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