Sosa : 5,770,115
  • Born about 1278 - Kildrummy Castle,Aberdeenshire,Scotland
  • Deceased before 1302


 Spouses and children



On 's side Helen Elen Llywelyn Fawr ca 1234-


Individual Note

1 NAME Isabela Matilda of /Mar/

Countess Isabella of Mar, 1st wife of The Bruce

Isabella was born to the tenth Earl of Mar, Lord Donald MacGylocher andHelen of Wales. Isabella was a wealthy young woman at the time of hermarriage to Robert Bruce the Earl of Carrick. Her lands were most of thenortheastern section of Inverness.

There is not much information about Isabella but there are certainstatements written that quotes her being a very handsome lady. Legendtells that he loved Isabella. This was not a common trait in arrangedmarriages.

Isabella spoke Gaelic and High English. She was an educated lady ofmedieval time. She was married to Robert when she was 18. The Countesssoon discovered she was with child just shortly after their marriage.

Lord Donald was one of the seven guardians of Scotland that believed thatRobert Bruce should be the rightful King of Scotland. He knew theadvantage of the two families joining in marriage and bearing an Heir tothe Thrown. Mar was the first to sign over the estates of his family tothe Bruce.

Isabella had a healthy pregnancy but she died soon after giving birth toMajorie. The year was 1296. Robert did mourn her death for he did notremarry until 6 years later. Princess Marjory carried on the legacy ofthe MacGylocher's through the female lines. These lines lead to theRoyal families of Scotland and the Crown.

Robert I, King Of Scotland BRUCE, 19G Grandfather
Birth 11 Jul 1274, Writtle, Essex, England
Death 7 Jun 1329, Cardross, Dumbarton, Scotland
Burial Dunfermline Abbey

Spouse Countess Isabella Of Mar MACGYLOCHER, 19G Grandmother
Marriage abt 1295

Spouse Elizabeth DE BURGH
Marriage 1302

Countess Isabella Of Mar MACGYLOCHER, 19G Grandmother
Birth abt 1277, Mar, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death abt 1296
Father Donald, 6th Earl Of Mar MACGYLOCHER
Mother Helen Of Wales (->1295)

Donald, 6th Earl Of Mar MACGYLOCHER, 20G Grandfather
Father William, 5th Earl Of Mar MACGYLOCHER (-1281)
Mother Elizabeth COMYN (-1267)
Marriage aft 1266

Spouse Helen Of Wales, 20G Grandmother
Death aft Feb 1295

William, 5th Earl Of Mar MACGYLOCHER, 21G Grandfather
Death 1281
Father Duncan, 4th Earl Of Mar MACGYLOCHER (-1244)

Spouse Elizabeth COMYN, 21G Grandmother
Death 1267
Father William, Earl Of Buchan COMYN (-1233)
Mother Margaret, Countess Of Buchan (-1242)

William, Earl Of Buchan COMYN, 22G Grandfather
Death 1233
Father Richard, Lord Of Tynedale COMYN (->1177)
Mother Hextilda FITZWALDEVE

Duncan, 4th Earl Of Mar MACGYLOCHER, 22G Grandfather
Death 7 Feb 1244
Father Morgund, Earl Of Mar MACGYLOCHER
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Family Note

1 REFN M4371

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William Macgylocher Of Mar, 5th Earl of Mar 1222-/1281   Elizabeth Comyn ca 1223-1267   Llywelyn Fawr Ap Iowerth, Prince of Wales 1173-1240   Joan Plantagenet, Princess of England 1190-
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Donald Macgylocher Of Mar, 6th Earl of Mar ca 1243-1297/   Helen Elen Llywelyn Fawr ca 1234-
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Isabell Of Mar ca 1278-/1302

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