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Isabel married Gilbert de Clare, seventh earl of Clare and fifth earl ofHertford, on October 9, 1217. This was soon after her father had capturedGilbert at the battle of Lincoln in May 1217. Gilbert was thirty-sevenyears old, but Isabel�s age in not known. Between 1217 and 1230, whenGilbert died, they had six children. These children were: Richard (d1262)who married Margaret, daughter of Hubert de Burgh, and secondly Maud,daughter of John de Lacy; William (dsp 1258); Gilbert (dsp?); Amicia(d1283) who married Baldwin de Redvers; Agnes (dsp 1226); and Isabel (d?)who married Robert de Brus. In April 1231, William the younger marriedhis sister Isabel, widow of Gilbert de Clare, to Richard earl of Cornwalland brother to King Henry III. Isabel died in October 1239, and hergrandson Gilbert 'The Red' inherited her lands as well as the de Clarelands on the death of his father, Richard, in 1262.
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John Fitzgilbert Marshall, Marshall 1105-ca 1165   Sybil de Salisbury 1120-   Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke ca 1130-1176   Eva Mac Murrough, Princess ca 1140-1177
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William Marshall, Earl 1146-1219   Isabel de Clare, Countess 1173-1220
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Isabella Marshal

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