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5th High Stewart

  • Born about 1242 - Dundonald,Ayrshire,Scotland
  • Deceased 16 July 1309 - Dundonald,Ayrshire,Scotland , age at death: possibly 67 years old


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Individual Note

The legacies of the Stewart�s are well documented in Scottish history.Walter FitzAllan was the First High Steward of Scotland assigned by KingDavid. The Stewart family went on to inherit the thrown of Scotland bythe marriage of Walter Stewart the son of James 5th High Steward, toMarjory Bruce the daughter of Robert the Bruce and Isabella of Mar.

The Stewart�s have been over-looked for their loyalty to the people ofScotland. Today�s history teaches that the Stewart�s were only baronsthat were greedy and married into the Royal Lines in order to obtaintheir power.

James the 5th High Steward was a fantastic example of his patronage tohis beloved country, Scotland. He was one of the seven guardians ofScotland that had the right to appoint a King. The fight was on betweenJohn Balliol and Robert Bruce the Competitor for the thrown. Robert wasthe closest in line for the thrown because he was a grandson of Alexanderwhere Balliol was a great grandson.

The Guardians of Scotland knew Robert by all rights should be crownedKing. King Edward chose John Balliol due to the alliance establishedbetween him and Balliol. Sir William Wallace fought under the banner ofBalliol. Balliol was forced to abdicate his thrown due to the greatpressure the Scots were putting on him as a traitor. He did abdicateand was killed. Wallace continued to fight for the Balliol claim.

Silently, many men were flocking to Robert Bruce�s defense. One of thesemen was James 5th High Steward. James had all the genealogies sent toattorneys in Europe to be examined by impartial parties. The attorneysconcluded based on an example from the Bible that Robert Bruce theCompetitor should inherit the Thrown of Scotland. When James hadreceived the letters from the attorneys, he took a firm stand. Hisjudgement was the same as the attorneys.

James swore allegiance to Robert the Competitor on September 20, 1286.Turbulence surrounded Scotland for the next 30 years. Edward becameobsessed with Scotland. After his wife died, Edward became a tyrant andbarbarian. He poured out great cruelty upon the Scots. For thirteenyears Scotland had suffered greatly so the leaders of Scotland agreed tosurrender to Edward on July 9th, 1297. Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick,grandson of the Competitor and James Stewart refused to surrender orproduce hostages.

The battle at Stirling Bridge was a win for the Scots. They hadslaughtered the English when they tried to cross to get to Berwick. TheEarl of Surrey came upon the English�s defeat and retreated back toFalkirk. James Stewart and Lennox along with their troops remained inthe woods watching Surrey. On September 11, 1297 after watching Surrey�sgroup for three days, Stewart and Lennox attacked them. The two Scotsmenand their troops beat Surrey and seized the laden wagons of booty.

James Stewart participated in the first full-scale raid in Roxburgh inJuly of 1299. Once the Scots arrived at Roxburgh, the fortress was soheavily guarded that the Scots knew they would loose many men if theyattempted to siege it. Stewart and the other leaders told their men toretreat. This caused the Scots to become very discouraged and illtempered.

The Constable of Roxburgh placed a spy in the camp of the Scots. Thespy�s accounting is still in existence and kept in the Public RecordOffice in London.

At the council, Sir David Graham demanded the land and goods of SirWilliam Wallace because he was leaving the Kingdom without the leave orapproval of the Guardians. And Sir Malcolm, Sir William�s brother,answered that neither his lands nor his goods should be given away, forthey were protected by the peace in which Wallace had left the Kingdom.At this the two knights gave the lie to each other and drew theirdaggers. And since Sir David Graham was of Sir John Comyn�s following,it was reported to the Earl of Buchan and John Comyn that a fight hadbroken out without their knowing it: and John Comyn leapt at the Earl ofCarrick and seized him by the throat and the Earl of Buchan turned on theBishop of St. Andrews, declaring that treason and lese majeste were beingplotted. Eventually the Stewart and others came between them and quietedthem. At that moment a letter was brought from beyond the Firth ofForth, telling how Sir Alexander Comyn and Lachlan Macruarie were burningand devastating the district they were in, attacking the people of theScottish nation. So it was ordained then that the Bishop of St. Andrewsshould have all the castles in his hands as principle captain and theEarl of Carrick and John Comyn be with him joint-guardians of theKingdom. And that same Wednesday, after the letter had been read, theyall left Peebles.

James Stewart had earlier stepped in the middle of King Edward and theCompetitor to prevent a great blood shed upon the Kingdom of Scotland.This was at the Treaty of Birgham. James attended the first secession ofparliament in eighteen years in 1309. Many other Scotsmen were presentat this meeting. James Stewart remained loyal to The Bruce even untilhis death, which was shortly after parliament in 1309.

King Robert the Bruce loved James Stewart and proved this by allowing hisdaughter to marry James� son Walter. Bruce mourned the loss of his dearquiet friend. Stewart is not well known in the legacy of the Brucebecause he was a quiet, tactful caring man. Stewart was opposite of TheBruce and Wallace but that is what kept the balance of the Scots to winagainst the greatest oppression they had ever suffered, the cruelbarbaric yet intelligent King Edward of England.
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Walter Fitzalan Stewart ca 1180-1241   Beatrix Ogilvie ca 1180-   James MacRory, Earl of Bute ca 1190-   Ragnhild Of the Isles 1195-
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Alexander Stewart, 4th High Stewart of Scotl 1214-1283   Jean MacRory, Heiress of Arran and Bute 1215-
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James Stewart, 5th High Stewart ca 1242-1309

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