Sosa : 369,106,704
  • Born in 1090 - North Riding,Yorkshire,England
  • Deceased in 1189 , age at death: 99 years old


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Individual Note

The birth and ancestry of Josceline was as splendid as his estates wereslender. He was a younger son by a 2nd wife of Godfrey, Count of Brabantand Louvain, and was descended through Louis IV, King of France, and hiswife Geberga, daughter of the King of Germany; son of Charles Il, King ofFrance, and Edgina, daughter of Edward, the Elder, King of England; sonof Louis II, King of France; son of Charles II, King of France; son ofLouis I, son of Charlemagne.

Jocelyn wedded Agnes upon condition that he should be called JocelynPercy, or else, that he should bear the arms of Lord Percy. He tookcounsel of his sister, the Queen, and chose to be called Jocelyn Percyrather than forsake his own arms, for so he should have no right of titleto his father's inheritance. The date of this marriage is not certain,but it was probably about 1150, when Agnes Percy was in her 17th year.Queen Adeliza conferred on her brother, by way of a wedding present, fiveand a half knights' fees in Yorkshire, and the honour of Petworth inSussex. He lived for the remainder of his life in great splendour; and ischiefly remembered for the many rich gifts which he made to abbeys andreligious houses.
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Godrey Lorraine, Duke of Lorraine ca 1064-   Clementia de Namur ca 1085-
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Joscelyn de Louvain Brabant 1090-1189

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