Sosa : 2,885,057
  • Born in 1297 - Scotland
  • Deceased (2_MAR_1315/1316) - Paisley,Renfrewshire,Scotland


 Spouses and children


On 's side Robert Bruce, King of Scotland 1274-1329


Individual Note

Died giving birth to Robert II Stewart.

Marjory Bruce, Princess of Scotland, was the only child of the 1stmarriage of Robert I, The Bruce. She was born probably in December 1296,the same eventful month that Edward I of England, the self-styled 'Hammerof the Scots', invaded Scotland and laid siege to Berwick.

At the end of June 1306 the 9-year-old princess, together with her stepmother and other women-folk of The Bruce's family, were sent for safetyto Kildrummy Castle (Aberdeenshire), escorted by Nigel Bruce and the Earlof Atholl. It was intended that they would then take refuge in Orkneyuntil times were easier, but the English army was already at Aberdeen andthe royal ladies moved on to Tain, north of Inverness, still hoping for aboat. Here they were captured in the sanctuary of St. Duthac and sent toEdward of England, then at Lanercost Priory in Cumberland. They wereseparated from each other and Marjorie was sent to a convent, where sheremained until her release 8 years later.

She was not yet eighteen at the time of the battle of Bannockburn, 24June 1314. One of the heroes of that great victory over the English washer second cousin once removed, Walter Stewart, 6th Lord High Steward,some four years her senior, whom she married in the following year. Itwas from that Stewart cousinship that the typically Stewart name ofMarjorie first came into the family of Bruce, Robert the Bruce's motherand maternal grandmother both bearing that name. This last-named Marjoriehad been the second of the three daughters of Walter, 3rd High Steward.

Part of the wedding dowry which Marjorie Bruce brought to her husband wasthe castle and Barony of Bathgate in Midlothian, which it was intendedwould become their private family residence; but this was not to be.

Whether through rashness, fearlessness or ignorance of the possibleconsequences, Princess Marjorie went out riding near Paisley whileheavily pregnant. Her horse, taking fright at something, reared up,Marjorie was thrown violently to the ground and immediately went intopremature labour. Her only child, the future Robert II, was delivered atthe roadside by Caesarean section (the first authentic record of such anoperation being performed since the birth of the eponymous JuliusCaesar). The beautiful Marjorie died within a few hours, aged only about19 years and 3 months, on 2 March 1316. Her last words are reported tohave been 'He's a laddie; I ken he's a laddie; he will be king'. Herimprobable dying prophecy eventually came true, but not for anotherfifty-five years.
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Family Note

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Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick 1243-   Marjorie Of Carrick, Countess of Carrick ca 1252-/1292   Donald Macgylocher Of Mar, 6th Earl of Mar ca 1243-1297/   Helen Elen Llywelyn Fawr ca 1234-
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Robert Bruce, King of Scotland 1274-1329   Isabell Of Mar ca 1278-/1302
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Marjorie Bruce 1297-

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