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1st Earl of Douglas

  • Born in 1323 - Douglas,Lanarkshire,Scotland
  • Deceased in May 1384 - Douglas,Lanarkshire,Scotland , age at death: 61 years old


 Spouses and children



On 's side Beatrice Lindsay 1302-/1352


Individual Note

William, Earl of Douglas
Nephew of Sir James, 'The Good' and Hugh, 'The Dull', William, wascreated the first proper Earl of Douglas in 1352. In 1353 William wasresponsible for the death of his kinsman Sir William Douglas, the famed'Knight of Liddesdale', from the Morton line of Douglases. William was aparticipant in a rebellion against King David II in 1363, but stillmanaged to earn an appointment as Justiciar of Scotland under Robert IIin 1371. An affair with his first cousin, Margaret Stewart, Countess ofMar and Angus, resulted in a son, George, who became the 1st Earl ofAngus, founding the Red Douglas branch of the family. William died in1384, leaving his titles and possessions to his son James.

1st Earl of Douglas and Mar; 1st Earl of Angus; Lord of Liddesdale

'On the death of his brother-in-law [Thomas Stewart] he obtainedpossession of the historical earldom of Mar and transmitted it, alongwith his own hereditary titles and estates, to his son James, the hero ofOtterburn, 'the dead man that won a fight' one of the most renowned inScottish history. The Douglas estates were inherited by Archibald 'theGrim,' the kinsman of Earl James, while the earldom of Mar passed to hissister, Isabella, wife of Sir Malcolm Drummond, brother of Annabella,Queen of Scotland, wife of Robert III.

Though he is often shown as having married Margaret of Mar, daughter ofDonald of Mar, that is questionable. He had illegitimate children withMargaret Stewart, whose father was Earl of Mar, but she was Countess ofAngus (having inherited this title from her brother). Widely varyingdates of birth for the legitimate children make it possible that he was,in fact, married twice.

' ... son of the Regent who fell at Halidon Hill, and nephew of the 'GoodSir James,' returned from France, where he had been bred to arms, soonafter the battle of Neville's Cross and the captivity of the Scottishking, and, with the hereditary valour and energy of his house, succeededin expelling the English from Douglasdale, and in the course of time fromEttrick Forest, Tweeddale, and Teviotdale. He was created Earl of Douglasby King David in 1357. He faithfully supported the cause of nationalindependence, and even went so far as to unite with the Steward and theEarl of March in a formal bond to compel David to change his counsellorsand to give up his intrigues for altering the succession to the crown infavour of one of the sons of the English king. He made a pilgramage tothe shrine of St. Thomas-a-Becket in the year 1363; but, unlike someothers of the great Scottish barons, who made such pilgramages a pretextfor treasonable intrigues with the English Government, Douglas continuedsteadfast in his adherence of his country's cause, and resolutely opposedthe atempts of the unworthy son of Robert Bruce to betray it to theenemy. On the accession of Robert II, the son of the Steward and MarjoryBruce, the Earl of Douglas unexpectedly put forth pretensions to thecrown, but abandoned them on finding that they were not likely to meetwith public support. As a reward for the promptitude of his submission,the King's eldest daughter was promised in marriage to his eldest son,and the Earl himself was appointed Justicular of Scotland south of theForth, and Warden of the East Marches. This great noble, one of the bestof his race, died in 1384 at an advance age. He was succeeded by hiseldest son by his wife the Countess of Mar.'
The Great Historic Families of Scotland, James Taylor
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Family Note

Marriage with Margaret Dunbar:

1 REFN M15208

Marriage with Margaret Stewart:

1 REFN M15223

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William Douglas, 5th Lord of Douglas 1225-1302   Dornagilla Comyn ca 1261-   Alexander Lindsay, Lord of Crawford 1267-1308/   Alice Stewart ca 1264-1337
| | | |

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Archibald Douglas, Earl of Douglas ca 1290-1333   Beatrice Lindsay 1302-/1352
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William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas 1323-1384

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