• Born about 1190 - Normandy,France
  • Deceased





Individual Note

Since William the younger was the first-born and was born in Normandy, itis possible that he was born during the winter of 1190/91 when his fatherwas serving Richard in Normandy prior to Richard�s leaving on crusade. Itis also possible that William and Isabel were in Normandy to takepossession of Isabel�s half of the Giffard barony lands in Orbec andLongueville.

During King John�s reign, William was a hostage for his father�s behaviorin King John�s court from 1203-1212. William was in Roger fitz Roger�scustody for some of this time, and in John de Erley�s custody some of thetime.

William married Alice de Bethune, daughter of his father�s friend andcompanion, Baldwin de Bethune, in September 1214. The marriage apparentlydid not last very long for reasons unknown; Alice may have died ante1215.

In the baronial rebellion of 1215, the younger William was a member ofthose rebelling, and he was one of the sureties who signed the MagnaCarta for the baronial side while his father was a signatory for theroyal side. King John, hoping that Marshal could persuade his son to jointhe royalist side, provided a safe conduct for the young William to meethis father on April 9, 1216, under the protection of Aimery St. Maur,master of the Templars. The meeting did not result in young Williamchanging sides, and he was one of the first barons to do homage to Louisof France when Louis arrived in England in May 1216. The young Williamwas an active supporter of Louis, but when he took Worcester castle inJuly 1216, his father had apparently reached the limit of his ownpatience. William senior managed to warn his son to withdraw fromWorcester, which he did just before Ranulf earl of Chester retook thecastle for the royalist side.

Sidney Painter, in his biography of William Marshal, has suggested theprobability that Marshal not only tolerated his son�s rebellion, but alsomay have abetted it as a logical part of his own political strategy.Marshal was known and respected by both King Phillip of France and hisson Louis, and Marshal would have been well aware of the possibilities ofLouis taking England with the support of the English barons rebellingagainst King John. In feudal times, a man would protect his lands and hisfamily to the best of his ability, and Marshal could do this withoutbreaking the bonds of his own fealty and homage to King John. William theyounger might have taken Worcester for Louis knowing that his fatherwould not tolerate such a seizure.

In the autumn of 1216 the young William abandoned Louis� cause andwithdrew to Wales, not fighting for any side. In October 1216 King Johndied at Newark, and he was brought to and buried at St Wulstan inWorcester. It was at Gloucester that the young Henry was knighted byMarshal and anointed and crowned King Henry III by Peter des Roches,bishop of Winchester. William Marshal senior was elected regent for KingHenry III at Winchester by the papal legate Gualo and the leadingmagnates of England. On November 12, 1216, at a great council in Bristol,Gualo, eleven bishops, Marshal, Ranulf of Chester, William de Ferrers,William of Aumale, and eighteen other leading barons re-issued the GreatCharter under the seals of Gualo, as papal legate, and Marshal, as rectorRegis et regni Angliae.

In March 1217, William the younger and William I Longespee, natural sonof Henry II and earl of Salisbury in right of his wife Ela, granddaughterof Patrick earl of Salisbury, met William Marshal senior of the road fromShoreham-by-Sea. In the next few days a series of letters were issuedthat gave the two men absolution from excommunication and defined theterms by which they returned to the side of Henry III.

William the younger was with his father at the battle of Lincoln, May 20,1217, which effectively signaled the end of Louis� aspirations inEngland. From this time on, William served his father faithfully untilWilliam senior�s death May 14, 1219, at Caversham. The young Williamsucceeded to his father�s lands and offices peacefully and to hismother�s vast holdings in 1220 on her death.
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John Fitzgilbert Marshall, Marshall 1105-ca 1165   Sybil de Salisbury 1120-   Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke ca 1130-1176   Eva Mac Murrough, Princess ca 1140-1177
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William Marshall, Earl 1146-1219   Isabel de Clare, Countess 1173-1220
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William Marshall ca 1190-

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