Marie Corentine

  • Bertholom 1795, daughter of René and Anne Guen (le), married to Hervé Séhédic (le) in 1827.
  • Gléonec, daughter of Jean and Marie Séhédic (le), married to Jean Clemens in 1791.
  • Guillou 1815, daughter of Joseph and Marie Yvonne Dréguier, married to Jean Baptiste Corentin Séhédic (le) in 1840.
  • Lay (le) 1779, daughter of Guillaume and Corentine Guillermou, married to Jean Séhédic (le) in 1806.
  • Séhédic (le) 1827, daughter of Hervé and Marie Corentine Bertholom.
  • Séhédic (le) 1813-1837, daughter of Corentin and Corentine Guéréven.
  • Séhédic (le) 1805-1805, daughter of Jean and Marie Jeanne Lozivit.
  • Séhédic (le) 1764-1837, daughter of Olivier and Marie Gall (le), married to Pierre Lahuec in 1793.