• Antoine 1690-1760, son of Guillaume and Anne GINIES, married to Marie GUY in 1717.
  • sosa Gabriel "Sénior" 1594-1667, married to Suzanne BERTUEL.
  • Guillaume 1648-1715, son of Vital and Balthazare MADAILLE, married to Anne GINIES in 1684.
  • Guillaume 1750-, son of Jean and Marie GRIFFOUL, married to Marie BLANC.
  • Jean 1724-1793, son of Antoine and Marie GUY, married to Marie GRIFFOUL.
  • Jean "Lou Gran" 1622-1703, son of Gabriel "Sénior" and Suzanne BERTUEL, married to Marie RASSEYRE in 1675.
  • Marie 1680-, daughter of Jean "Lou Gran" and Marie RASSEYRE, married to Antoine GUY in 1717.
  • Marie Rose 1787-1827, daughter of Guillaume and Marie BLANC, married to Marc Antoine MIGNARD in 1813.
  • Vital 1600-, married to Balthazare MADAILLE.