comte pour moitié de Barcelone (1082-1097) comte de Barcelone (1097-1131)(1076-1082), comte de Girona , d'Ausona et de Cerdagne, comte de Provence (1113-1131), duc de Provence, seigneur de Laurac (1082-1131), vicomte de Millau et de Carlat (1112-1131),

  • Born 11 November 1053 - Rodez
  • Deceased 6 December 1082,aged 29 years old
  • Chevalier de l'Ordre du Temple


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On the side of Almodis de la Marche, Countess of Limoges ca 1010-1071


Individual Note

From FMG:

"He succeeded his father in 1076 as RAMÓN BERENGUER II "Cabeza le Estopa/Cap d'Estopes" Conde de Barcelona, Gerona, and Osona, jointly with his brother Berenguer Ramón II. The contacts with Norman Sicily established by his marriagemarked the start of the commercial expansion of Barcelona and the growth of Catalan influence throughout the Mediterranean. His brother conde Berenguer Ramón II quarrelled with him, calling for a division of their territories, andmurdered him."



Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona

Ramon Berenguer II the Towhead (1053 or 1054 – December 5, 1082) was Count of Barcelona from 1076 until his death. He ruled jointly with his twin brother Berenguer Ramon II.

He succeeded his father Ramon Berenguer I, Count of Barcelona to co-rule with his twin brother Berenguer Ramon, in 1075.
The twins failed to agree and divided their possessions between them, against the will of their late father. Ramon Berenguer the Towhead, called so because of the thickness and colour of his hair, was killed while hunting in thewoods in 1082. His brother, who went on to become the sole ruler of Catalonia, was credited by popular opinion of having orchestrated this murder. Berenguer Ramon the Fratricide was later succeeded by Ramon Berenguer's son RamonBerenguer III.

Ramon Berenguers's marriages and descendants
• First wife, Aimeris of Narbonne
• Second wife, Mahalta (or Maud) of Apulia, born ca. 1059, died 1111/1112, daughter of Duke Robert Guiscard and of Sikelgaita de Salerno
• Ramon Berenguer III the Great, count of Barcelona and Provence (before 1082-1131)

Preceded by Ramon Berenguer I
Count of Barcelona with Berenguer Ramon II 1076–1082
Succeeded by Berenguer Ramon II


2. Almodis of Barcelona
3. Aimeri II de Narbonne
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Family Note

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Berenger Raymond I Of Barcelona, Count of Barcelona ca 1000-1035 Sancha Sanchez Of Castile 1006-1026 Bernard I de la Marche, Count of Marche 991-1047 Amelia d'Aunay ca 985-1072

Raymond Berenger I "the Elder" Of Barcelona, Count of Barcelona 1023-1076 Almodis de la Marche, Countess of Limoges ca 1010-1071

Raymond Berenger II Of Barcelona, comte pour moitié de Barcelone (1082-1097) comte de Barcelone (1097-1131) 1053-1082