• Born about 1358 - Hill's Court, Exeter, Devon, England
  • Deceased 23 October 1427,aged about 69 years old
  • Lawyer & justice of the King's Bench, MP for Exeter, 1380, Steward of the bishop of Bath and Wells, 1399-1414



  • M Ralph Hill ca 1360-1412/
  • M Robert Hill, Lord of the manors of Spaxton , Littleton, Edington, Harnham, Pury Fichet, Shurton and Yard, and Westcourt Ingpen in Berks [right of his wife] ca 1361-1423


Individual Note

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries - Volume 35 - Page 260
John S. Amery - 1982

John Hille (Hulle), lawyer (d.c. 1404)
He was the son of John Hille (called the elder in 1377) of Hill's Court near Exeter.145 His successful legal career probably resulted, in part, from Courtenay patronage: he was appointed guardian of Margaret Courtenay in 1369 andwas Earl Edward’s steward in 1379 and 1381-2. 146

He was a Devon J.P. by 1380, and a sergeant-at-law by 1382. After that date he served on a very large number of commissions in the county and, after 1389 when he was appointed a justice of the King's Bench, in several west Midlandand southern counties. He was a well-known figure, and a good friend, to the city of Exeter— which he represented in the parliament of 1380— and was frequently in receipt of large quantities of wine from the city fathers,especially during his appearances as a circuit judge there.147 He maintained a busy private practice: he remained in the service of the earl of Devon until at least the late-1380s and became what Dr. Dunning has called something ofa professional land agent, acting as steward of the bishop of Bath and Wells between 1399 and 1414, steward of the estates of Lady Bohun and also possibly of the Devon estates of Lord Despenser.148 He became a rich man— he earned asalary of £20 per annum as the earl's steward alone— and by 1380 was able to purchase land on a considerable scale. In that year he bought land in West Raddon and elsewhere for 100 marks, and in 1389 (like several other Devonlawyers) he bought part of the forfeited estate of Sir John Cary for 310 marks.149 By this time he was earning an annual salary of £73 6s. 8d. as justice of the King’s Bench, and in 1397 he was able to lend the king the sum of £60.150 Henry IV confirmed all the grants and posts conferred upon Sir John— he had been knighted some time before 1398— and despite disputes with Henry's knight, Sir Robert Chalons (g.v.J, over title to the Cary manor of Houndston(Somerset), he was allowed to remain in possession of it undisturbed.151 He married Denise, daughter of Sir John Durburgh, and was thereby related to another of the earl's esquires, Ralph Durburgh (q.v.).


  • Individual:
    - The Antiquary - Volume 32, Page 223; Pedigree of Hill of Exeter, Spaxton & Heligan
    - Devon and Cornwall notes and queries (DCNQ) - Various, John S. Amery [Ed] - J. G. Commin - - Devon (England) - 1B0F7493-883C-4824-8B66-96FB08F67899 - Volume 35 - Page 260
  • Death: The Antiquary - Volume 32, Page 223; Pedigree of Hill of Exeter, Spaxton & Heligan

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  Sir John Durborough 1300-1352 Joan Of Bawdrip, Lady of Bawdrip

Sir John Hill 1338-1408 Dionysie Durborough ca 1335-1387

John Hill ca 1358-1427

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